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Product downloads

Auron SMS Server 202464bit7.6.0.401
120MBDownload Trial
Release Notes
Auron SMS Component 7.2any-cpu7.2.0.301
8MBDownload Trial
Release Notes
Auron E-mail Component 6.3any-cpu6.3.0.301
10MBDownload Trial
Release Notes

Freeware downloads

Auron SMS Agent for AndroidAndroid (7+)2.0.02MBDownload
Auron SMPP Simulatorany-cpu7.25MBDownload
Auron QuickServerany-cpu3.23MBDownload
Auron SendSMS64bit7.03MBDownload
Auron SendSMS32bit7.03MBDownload
Auron SendSMS Console64bit7.01MBDownload
Auron SendSMS Console32bit7.01MBDownload
Auron SendEmail64bit6.03MBDownload
Auron SendEmail32bit6.03MBDownload
Auron SendEmail Console64bit6.01MBDownload
Auron SendEmail Console32bit6.01MBDownload