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6.2.0 – Release notes

Release date: April 21, 2023

The Auron E-mail Component is an API that enables you to quickly and easily add E-mail functionality to your applications.

Changes and fixes:

  • SMTP, POP3 and IMAP: TLS improved certificate handling
  • IMAP now has support for the IDLE command
  • The default setup directory is no longer in program files. This ways your can run, edit and extend all examples in place
  • Receiving extended Unicode characters such as emoticons now always works
  • OAuth2 ‘RefreshBearerToken’ function automatically refreshes the refresh token if appropriate
  • Improved HTML to plain text
  • Fix typo in oauth2 success page
  • Improved and elaborated examples


A recompile of existing source code is needed. Code in interpreted (scripting) languages does not need to be changed.

Please recompile your software when upgrading from E-mail component 5.1.0.

The Auron E-Mail Component requires a new license key for existing users. If you are an existing user please contact us to request your new license key.

Installation and upgrade

To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

To upgrade run the installer and follow the prompts.