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Error codes

This list of error codes applies to all Auron Software.

Error Code Description
0 Success
441 No connection to SMTP server established, please connect first
592 Failed to send command
707 No connection to POP3 server established, please connect first
710 The mailbox is already in use (locked)
711 No more messages available
713 The mailbox does not contain message(s)
715 No response received on command
716 Failed to delete message (most likely the message does not exist)
731 Operation timed out
732 Operation stalled; Idle timeout expired.
733 License code is invalid
734 Saving license to registry failed
735 Evaluation period has expired. You must purchase the product, or else uninstall the software
736 You need a professional or distribution license to use this function
10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
15000 Registry entry ‘ServerRoot’ missing
15001 Registry entry ‘Configuration’ missing
15002 ActiveX component [AxMmCfg.dll] not registered on this computer. Either manually register this DLL on this machine, or reinstall the product
15007 ActiveX component [AXmsCtrl.dll] not registered on this computer. Either manually register this DLL on this machine, or reinstall the product
15009 Registry entry ‘Server’ missing
15010 Internal error: unable to create new ActiveX object
15011 Internal error: unable to create new ADODB object
15012 Internal error: Invalid object or object is NULL
15014 One or more HTML files needed by the program are missing
15020 Unable to open the Configuration Database
15021 Unable to query the Configuration Database
15022 No more records
15023 Unable to create new configuration record; maximum allowed number is reached
15024 Unable to create new configuration record
15025 Unable to modify configuration record
15026 Unable to delete configuration record
15027 Incompatible configuration database version
15028 Unable to open the Configuration Database because the 64-bit Microsoft ACE OLEDB Driver is missing. See FAQ 8850040
15029 Unable to open the Configuration Database because a 32-bit MS Access version was detected on this 64-bit OS. See FAQ 8850050
15030 No server configuration found. Please run the configuration wizard first.
15031 Error opening the database connection. Please verify the database connection settings in the Configuration Wizard.
15051 Unable to open Message Database
15052 Syntax error in database query
15053 Syntax error in querying all database fields
15054 No more messages in message Database
15060 Unable to create new message
15061 Unable to update message
15063 Unable to execute query in Message Database
15065 Syntax error in the WAP Message Body
15067 Incompatible message database version
15101 Unable to open Archive Database
15102 Unable to query Archive Database
15103 No more messages in Archive Database
15107 Unable to execute query in Archive Database
15109 Incompatible archive database version
15112 Only messages of type ‘Email’ can have attachments.
15113 Problem while storing the email attachment in the database.
15114 Could not find an attachment at the given index.
15115 Could not open the attachment file for reading.
15116 Insufficient system memory to load attachment file.
15117 Could not open the attachment file for writing.
15220 Message Reference is not allowed for SMS or MMS messages
15221 Header not allowed for this type of message
15223 Carbon Copies (CC, BCC) not allowed for this type of message
15224 Read receipt not allowed for this type of message
15226 Bodyformat invalid for this message type
15227 Could not find the message in the message database
15228 There are no TLV’s attached to this message
15229 No more TLV’s attached to this message
15230 TLV object expected
15231 No TLV found with this tag value
15233 This object was not loaded yet. Please call ‘Load’ first.
15234 Unknown channel type. Don’t know how to save this channel.
15235 Could not find an existing record to update. To create a new record please use the ‘..CREATE’ flag when saving
15236 Could not create a new record. Make sure that the ID is unique. To update an existing record please use the ‘..MODIFY’ flag when saving
15237 Could not set a data table field value. Make sure all field types are correct
15238 Field does not exists for this channel
15239 Index out of range
15240 One or more fields are missing in the data table definition
15241 A filter expression is required. To affect all records user the filter: ‘1 = 1’
15242 Error opening / reading the icon file. Please make sure the path is correct
15243 Could not allocate enough memory to load the icon file
15244 Error writing icon to file
15245 Change notification failed
15246 No type object defined for this message type.
15247 Could not create an instance of the type object. Please make sure the COM .dll housing the message type object is properly registered.
15248 Could not call SetMessage on the message type object. Please make sure the type object has a method called ‘SetMessage’ which accepts an Imessage object.
15249 Invalid characters where used in the object ID. Please use only numbers, uppercase characters or underscores in as an ID
15250 Error loading view data. Please make sure that the database is correctly configured
15251 Error starting change listener for server data model changes. Please make sure that the SMS Messaing Server is able to listen on UDP ports.
15252 Failed to load folder data from database
15253 Lost connection to the event server
15254 Could not connect to the event server. Please make sure the service is running
15255 Event server could not bind to the required UDP socket
15256 Event server could not bind to the required TCP socket
15257 No more IP addresses available on this server
15258 Unable to listen on the given IP address
15259 Could not get a list of usable IP addresses
15500 Error when sending through HTTP
15501 The server did not reply with the expected success response
15502 The server replied with the error response
22025 Socket Error occurred
26998 AxEmail.dll (Auron Email Component) not registered
26999 AxSms.dll (Auron SMS Component) not registered
30101 Invalid port parameter
30102 Unable to perform operation because the device does not exist
30103 Unable to perform operation because the device is already opened
30104 Generic open port error
30106 Unable to write to device
30108 Unable to read from device
30109 Unable to retrieve device settings
30110 Unable to change device settings
30111 Unable to purge the device
30113 Invalid baudrate selected
30114 The device is not opened
30115 No more data available in receive buffer
30200 Unable to start telephony service
30201 Cannot find specified devicename
30202 Cannot open specified device
30204 Windows Telephony Device is not available
30205 Windows Telephony Device is not accessible
30206 Windows Telephony Device cannot be used, invalid bearer mode
30209 Windows Telephony Device is not accessible
30210 Windows Telephony Device status cannot be retrieved
30350 No response from modem
30351 Unexpected response from modem
30352 Error response from modem
30353 No dialtone detected upon attempt to connect to remote party
30354 No carrier reported while connecting to remote party
30355 No answer reported while connecting to remote party
30356 Busy tone reported while connecting to remote party
33005 Invalid parameter passed to function
33050 Failed to load provider config file, file not found
33051 Failed to load provider config file, file corrupt
33052 Failed to save provider config file, failed to write file
33140 There is no SIM card in the GSM device
33141 SIM card requires PIN code
33150 Selected message storage is not available on this GSM device
33160 No network coverage, or network busy
33170 SMS service center (SMSC) address not set
33172 The remote device does not support the COM Control option
33173 The remote device does not support Telnet commands (NVT)
33233 No more server certificates in ‘My’ store found.
33234 Failed to open certificate store.
33461 No response from UCP provider
33462 Provider reported a syntax error
33463 Provider rejected the message (NACK)
33501 Error during initial negotiation phase
33503 Pager number not allowed or blocked by provider
33504 Invalid message
33505 Message was sent, but no (N)ACK received
33600 No SNPP provider specified, please check hostname or IP address
33603 Invalid Pager ID or pincode
33610 SNPP command not supported
33611 No response from SNPP provider, operation timed out
34010 Invalid providerdialstring
34031 Invalid recipient address
34033 SMS message is too long. To send multipart SMS messages, set the multipart option
34200 Invalid PagerMessage object passed to the Send function
34226 Failed to send test message
34227 Timeout while trying to send test message
35990 No more parts available to assemble a message.
35991 No more closed sessions
35992 No more message parts
35993 The UDH indicator can not be set on a message TEXT formatted message
35994 You need a professional or distribution license to use this function
35995 Evaluation period has expired. You must purchase the product, or else uninstall the software
35996 Saving license to registry failed
35997 License code is invalid
35999 TLV not found
36000 Invalid bind type specified.
36001 Invalid protocol version specified
36002 Invalid argument
36003 The SMS message body is too long
36004 The message was not correctly formatted. A HEX message should be formatted in hex e.g. ‘05040A’.
36005 Invalid bodyformat specified
36006 No more updated messages pending
36007 No more incoming messages pending
36008 No more TLV’s
36009 Failed to start SMPP client connection thread
36010 Failed to connect to server; Connection timed out
36011 Failed to connect to server
36012 Operation timed out
36013 Failed to bind to server; Bind timed out
36014 Invalid connection state. Should be connected or bound for this operation
36015 Out of memory
36017 Timeout while receiving data
36018 Unexpected PDU length; Closed connection
36019 Invalid PDU format; Closed connection
36020 Invalid parameter
36021 Command PDU timed out; Closed connection
36022 Connection was closed by host.
36023 Timeout while un-binding
36024 SMS Query queue full, this message was not submitted. Wait a bit before querying other SMS messages.
36025 Failed to bind to this server
36027 Invalid password
36028 Invalid system id
36029 Invalid service type
36030 Invalid UDH. Either multipart mode is set to SARTLV or the message UDH contains conflicting elements.
36031 No TLV based multipart modes can be used when connecting as version 3.3
36032 Invalid number format. The phone number should be numeric and less than 15 characters long.
36033 SMS Submit queue full, this message was not submitted. Wait a bit before adding new SMS messages.
36034 TCP Receive block too large; Disconnecting
36035 Failed to secure the SMPP connection
36091 Error connecting to host
36092 No more ports
36093 Invalid UDH. Either the UDH length is unusually large or the message UDH contains conflicting elements.
36094 No more status reports pending
36095 No more SMS messages pending
36096 Timeout while waiting for the device to register on a GSM network
36097 Failed to query device for preferred storage options
36098 Storage type not supported on this device
36099 No more devices
36100 Could not find the number of attached telephony devices
36101 PIN required
36102 PUK required
36103 Device does not support preferred message format
36104 Out of memory
36105 No device opened.
36106 Device does not support sending SMS messages
36107 Invalid response from device
36108 Response timed out
36109 Data coding in SMS message should be ‘Default (0)’ when sending in Text mode
36110 Device does not support receiving SMS messages
36111 Invalid parameter
36112 Syntax error in command.
36113 Unknown error
36114 Error while waiting for the prompt to send SMS data
36115 Error while receiving SMS messages
36116 Timeout while receiving SMS messages
36117 Multipart messages are not supported in text mode
36118 Status reports are not supported ini text mode
36119 UDHI can’t be set in text mode
36120 No SIM card inserted or the GSM command set is not supported
36121 Unknown equipment error. Check the log file.
36122 Unknown network error. Check the log file.
36123 Phone failure
36124 No connection to phone
36125 Phone adapter link reserved
36126 Operation not allowed
36127 Operation not supported
36128 PH_SIM PIN required
36129 PH_FSIM PIN required
36130 PH_FSIM PUK required
36131 SIM not inserted
36132 SIM PIN required
36133 SIM PUK required
36134 SIM failure
36135 SIM busy
36136 SIM wrong
36137 Incorrect password
36138 SIM PIN2 required
36139 SIM PUK2 required
36140 Memory full
36141 Invalid index
36142 Not found
36143 Memory failure
36144 Text string too long
36145 Invalid characters in text string
36146 Dial string too long
36147 Invalid characters in dial string
36148 No network service
36149 Network timeout
36150 Network not allowed, emergency calls only
36151 Network personalization PIN required
36152 Network personalization PUK required
36153 Network subset personalization PIN required
36154 Network subset personalization PUK required
36155 Service provider personalization PIN required
36156 Service provider personalization PUK required
36157 Corporate personalization PIN required
36158 Corporate personalization PUK required
36159 PH-SIM PUK required
36160 Unknown error
36161 Illegal MS
36162 Illegal ME
36163 GPRS services not allowed
36164 PLMN not allowed
36165 Location area not allowed
36166 Roaming not allowed in this location area
36167 Operation temporary not allowed
36168 Service operation not supported
36169 Requested service option not subscribed
36170 Service option temporary out of order
36171 Unspecified GPRS error
36172 PDP authentication failure
36173 Invalid mobile class
36174 Operation temporarily not allowed
36175 Call barred
36176 Phone is busy
36177 User abort
36178 Invalid dial string
36179 SS not executed
36180 SIM Blocked
36181 Invalid block
36182 SIM powered down
36183 Unassigned number
36184 Operator determined barring
36185 Call barred
36186 Short message transfer rejected
36187 Destination out of service
36188 Unidentified subscriber
36189 Facility rejected
36190 Unknown subscriber
36191 Network out of order
36192 Temporary failure
36193 Congestion
36194 Resources unavailable
36195 Requested facility not subscribed
36196 Requested facility not implemented
36197 Invalid short message transfer reference value
36198 Invalid message unspecified
36199 Invalid mandatory information
36200 Message type non existent or not implemented
36201 Message not compatible with short message protocol
36202 Information element non-existent or not implemented
36203 Protocol error, unspecified
36204 Internetworking , unspecified
36205 Telematic internetworking not supported
36206 Short message type 0 not supported
36207 Cannot replace short message
36208 Unspecified TP-PID error
36209 Data code scheme not supported
36210 Message class not supported
36211 Unspecified TP-DCS error
36212 Command cannot be actioned
36213 Command unsupported
36214 Unspecified TP-Command error
36215 TPDU not supported
36216 SC busy
36217 No SC subscription
36218 SC System failure
36219 Invalid SME address
36220 Destination SME barred
36221 SM Rejected-Duplicate SM
36222 TP-VPF not supported
36223 TP-VP not supported
36224 D0 SIM SMS Storage full
36225 No SMS Storage capability in SIM
36226 Error in MS
36227 Memory capacity exceeded
36228 Sim application toolkit busy
36229 SIM data download error
36230 Unspecified error cause
36231 ME Failure
36232 SMS service of ME reserved
36233 Operation not allowed
36234 Operation not supported
36235 Invalid PDU mode parameter
36236 Invalid Text mode parameter
36237 SIM not inserted
36238 SIM PIN required
36239 PH-SIM PIN required
36240 SIM failure
36241 SIM busy
36242 SIM wrong
36243 SIM PUK required
36244 SIM PIN2 required
36245 SIM PUK2 required
36246 Memory failure
36247 Invalid memory index
36248 Memory full
36249 SMSC address unknown
36250 No network service
36251 Network timeout
36252 No +CNMA expected
36253 Unknown error
36254 User abort
36255 Unable to store
36256 Invalid Status
36257 Device busy or Invalid Character in string
36258 Invalid length
36259 Invalid character in PDU
36260 Invalid parameter
36261 Invalid length or character
36262 Invalid character in text
36263 Timer expired
36264 Operation temporary not allowed
36265 SIM not ready
36266 Cell Broadcast error unknown
36267 Protocol stack busy
36268 Invalid parameter
36269 Invalid number format. The phone number should be numeric and less than 15 characters long.
36300 Failed to load ‘WinHTTP’ library
36301 WinHTTP library not loaded
36302 Create session failed
36303 Connection timed out
36304 Maximum number of redirections reached; Aborted
36305 Malformed URL
36306 Query headers failed
36307 Out of memory
36308 Failed to open file
36309 Query data size failed
36310 Memory allocation failed
36311 Read data failed
36312 Open connection failed
36313 Set credentials failed
36314 Send request failed
36315 No response received
36316 Set proxy credentials failed
36317 Proxy credentials required
36318 Could not find an authorization scheme
36319 Certificate error
36320 Invalid hostname
36321 Connect to host failed
36323 Failed to bind to ‘WinHTTP’ library
36324 Invalid number format. The phone number should be numeric and less than 15 characters long.
36435 The current license does not allow sending an HTML body. Please purchase a license or use the trial version to test sending an HTML body.
36500 Already connected
36704 Out of memory
36705 Session object not instantiated. A usable session object can only be retrieved an instance of SmppServer.
36707 No more SMS message queries.
36708 No more SMS delivery responses.
36709 Invalid port number. The port number should be between 1 and 65535. The default port number for SMPP is 2775.
36710 No more sessions connected.
36711 Could not start SMPP service. Error binding to TCP port
36712 The SMPP service is already started
36713 Timeout while trying to start the SMPP service
36714 Error while starting server thread
36715 Error while accepting incoming connection
36716 Invalid parameter
36717 The client has not requested a bind
36718 The session must be bound before completing this action.
36719 Invalid multipart mode. The interface version is set to 3.3 and the Multipart mode is set to SARTLV or PAYLOADTLV
36720 Invalid UDH. The UDH length may be too large or the may not be an UDH present
36721 There are too many pending SMS deliveries.
36722 Session with the specified session id not found
37400 Invalid hostname
37401 Invalid port number
37402 Connection failed
37403 No response from server
37404 Unexpected response from server
37405 Unexpected response from server
37406 Failed to introduce on the server
37408 Failed to encrypt communication message
37410 The selected mode of authorization is not supported
37411 Authorization failed
37412 Authorization failed; Make sure that 3rd party apps are allowed in your Gmail profile
37414 Secure handshake failed
37435 Failed to save the queue file
37436 Failed to rename the queue file
37500 Already connected
37501 Invalid hostname
37502 Invalid port number
37503 Connect failed
37504 Secure handshake failed
37506 No welcome message received from server
37508 Login failed
37510 Unexpected response from server
37511 Invalid password
37512 Invalid password; Make sure that 3rd party apps are allowed in your Gmail profile
37514 Failed to get the number of mails in the maildrop
37516 Invalid message ID
37517 Retrieve failed
37518 Unexpected socket error
37521 Error while receiving data from server
37601 Loading MIME data failed
37602 Load MIME file failed
37603 Save MIME file failed
37604 Invalid attachment
37605 Open attachment failed
37606 Load attachment failed
37607 Save attachment failed
37608 Invalid FROM e-mail address
37609 No TO recipients specified
37610 Invalid TO e-mail address
37611 Invalid CC e-mail address
37612 Invalid BCC e-mail address
37613 Invalid attachment ID
37614 Decode attachment failed
37700 Querying SChannel security context failed
37701 Could not find the certificate chain
37702 Failed to create new credentials
37703 Server disconnected unexpectedly
37704 Could not read from server
37705 Could not open ‘My’ certificate store
37706 Failed to initialize SChannel security context
37707 Failed to allocate send/receive buffers
37708 The secure connection was not initialized properly.
37709 EncryptMessage failure in SSPI module of the Operating System
37710 DecryptMessage failure in SSPI module of the Operating System
37711 Can not finish receiving and decrypting an incomplete message, there is not enough buffer space to hold the rest of the message.
37712 Cannot set secure when already connected
37713 Timeout on receive data, reply from server expected
37800 Error while connecting. Imap is already connected to host
37801 Error while connecting
37802 Error while performing secure handshake
37803 No welcome message received
37804 Error wait for server response timed out
37805 Error could not send command to host
37806 Error while requesting server capabilities list
37807 Error STARTTLS command was denied. Could not secure the connection
37808 Error the server has an incompatible IMAP version. Should be IMAP4 or IMAP4rev1
37809 Error unexpected server response while performing plain authenication method
37810 Error the username or password is too long. Username and password should be less than 255 characters
37811 Error while encoding the authication data
37812 Access denied. Please verify name and password used to connect
37813 The authentication method is not supported by the server.
37814 Could not find a usable authenication method. Try connecting secure or enable the STARTTLS command
37815 The server did not OK this command.
37816 Error while parsing the server response string
37817 Error the server does not support the given character set
37818 Error invalid arguments
37819 Error: Not enough memory to complete this operation
37820 Error while reading data from server
37821 List index should be a number between 0 and list count.
37822 No (more) fetch data available
37823 No (more) fech sub data available
37824 This is not a top level ImapFetchData object
37825 Could not find an ImapFetchData item with that name
37827 No (more) expunged sequence numbers available
37828 Not connected to an IMAP server. Please connect first
37829 Invalid IP version specified
37830 Timeout while appending new message to mailbox
38000 Failed to initialize Mobile Messaging toolkit
38001 Failed to deploy Mobile Messaging toolkit
38002 Unknown encoding specified
38003 No to, cc or bcc recipients specified
38004 Simultaneous use of /bt and /btf is not allowed
38005 Simultaneous use of /bh and /bhf is not allowed
38007 Cannot set both html file and text file to read from STDIN
38008 Specified plain text file could not be opened or read
38009 Specified html file could not be opened or read
38010 Unknown priority specified
38011 The /mail-header parameter expects an even amount of parameters, i.e. key/value pairs
38012 No default device found, specify a device or port explicitly