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On 64-bit Operating Systems, can I also register the 32-bit component for my 32-bit applications?

Yes. All of our products, the SMS Component, E-mail Component as well as the SMS Server automatically register both the 64bit as well as the 32bit API .dll files on a 64 bit Windows installation. On a 32bit Windows installation only the 32bit .dll are installed and registered.

To manually register the .dll’s you can use the command ‘regsvr32.exe’. It’s not recommended to manually move and register the SMS Server API .dll’s. But this is possible for the SMS Component as well as the Email component.

In the case of the SMS Component you can register both the 32 bit as the 64 bit .dll from the command line in the same way:

REGSVR32 AxSms64.dll
REGSVR32 AxSms32.dll

In the case of the E-mail Component it would look like this:

REGSVR32 AxEmail64.dll
REGSVR32 AxEmail32.dll