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SMPP error status codes

The SMPP error status codes are returned by an SMPP server (SMSC) when an SMS cannot be sent.

The SMSC will also set one of these error status codes when a command or PDU is invalid.

This list of error status codes is from the SMPP 3.4 specification.

The range from 0x00000100 to 0x000003FF (256 to 1023) is reserved for SMPP extensions.

The range from 0x00000400 to 0x000004FF (1023 to 1279) is reserved for SMSC vendor specific errors.

Error code Value Decimal Description
ESME_ROK 0x00000000 0 No Error
ESME_RINVMSGLEN 0x00000001 1 Message Length is invalid
ESME_RINVCMDLEN 0x00000002 2 Command Length is invalid
ESME_RINVCMDID 0x00000003 3 Invalid Command ID
ESME_RINVBNDSTS 0x00000004 4 Incorrect BIND Status for given command
ESME_RALYBND 0x00000005 5 ESME Already in Bound State
ESME_RINVPRTFLG 0x00000006 6 Invalid Priority Flag
ESME_RINVREGDLVFLG 0x00000007 7 Invalid Registered Delivery Flag
ESME_RSYSERR 0x00000008 8 System Error
ESME_RINVSRCADR 0x0000000A 10 Invalid Source Address
ESME_RINVDSTADR 0x0000000B 11 Invalid Destination Address
ESME_RINVMSGID 0x0000000C 12 Message ID is invalid
ESME_RBINDFAIL 0x0000000D 13 Bind Failed
ESME_RINVPASWD 0x0000000E 14 Invalid Password
ESME_RINVSYSID 0x0000000F 15 Invalid System ID
ESME_RCANCELFAIL 0x00000011 17 Cancel SM Failed
ESME_RREPLACEFAIL 0x00000013 19 Replace SM Failed
ESME_RMSGQFUL 0x00000014 20 Message Queue Full
ESME_RINVSERTYP 0x00000015 21 Invalid Service Type
ESME_RINVNUMDESTS 0x00000033 51 Invalid number of destinations
ESME_RINVDLNAME 0x00000034 52 Invalid Distribution List name
ESME_RINVDESTFLAG 0x00000040 64 Destination flag is invalid (submit_multi)
ESME_RINVSUBREP 0x00000042 66 Invalid ‘submit with replace’ request (i.e. submit_sm withreplace_if_present_flag set)
ESME_RINVESMCLASS 0x00000043 67 Invalid esm_class field data
ESME_RCNTSUBDL 0x00000044 68 Cannot Submit to Distribution List
ESME_RSUBMITFAIL 0x00000045 69 submit_sm or submit_multi failed
ESME_RINVSRCTON 0x00000048 72 Invalid Source address TON
ESME_RINVSRCNPI 0x00000049 73 Invalid Source address NPI
ESME_RINVDSTTON 0x00000050 80 Invalid Destination address TON
ESME_RINVDSTNPI 0x00000051 81 Invalid Destination address NPI
ESME_RINVSYSTYP 0x00000053 83 Invalid system_type field
ESME_RINVREPFLAG 0x00000054 84 Invalid replace_if_present flag
ESME_RINVNUMMSGS 0x00000055 85 Invalid number of messages
ESME_RTHROTTLED 0x00000058 88 Throttling error (ESME has exceeded allowed message limits)
ESME_RINVSCHED 0x00000061 97 Invalid Scheduled Delivery Time
ESME_RINVEXPIRY 0x00000062 98 Invalid message validity period (Expiry time)
ESME_RINVDFTMSGID 0x00000063 99 Predefined Message Invalid or Not Found
ESME_RX_T_APPN 0x00000064 100 ESME Receiver Temporary App Error Code
ESME_RX_P_APPN 0x00000065 101 ESME Receiver Permanent App Error Code
ESME_RX_R_APPN 0x00000066 102 ESME Receiver Reject Message Error Code
ESME_RQUERYFAIL 0x00000067 103 query_sm request failed
ESME_RINVOPTPARSTREAM 0x000000C0 192 Error in the optional part of the PDUBody.
ESME_ROPTPARNOTALLWD 0x000000C1 193 Optional Parameter not allowed
ESME_RINVPARLEN 0x000000C2 194 Invalid Parameter Length.
ESME_RMISSINGOPTPARAM 0x000000C3 195 Expected Optional Parameter missing
ESME_RINVOPTPARAMVAL 0x000000C4 196 Invalid Optional Parameter Value
ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURE 0x000000FE 254 Delivery Failure (used fordata_sm_resp)
ESME_RUNKNOWNERR 0x000000FF 255 Unknown Error