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What’s the difference between Auron SMS Component and Auron SMS Server?

SMS Component is designed for Windows developers (VB, VB .NET, VC++, VC#.NET, ASP, ASP .NET, Delphi, etc.). It’s an ActiveX COM component, without user interface. By integrating the control in a development project, a developer can send/receive SMS messages without any knowledge of SMS. SMS Component has no integrated database support

Auron SMS Server is a complete suite to send, receive and process SMS messages. It is database oriented, and has a VBScript engine to process incoming messages. Use Auron SMS Server to have your SMS applications running within a few hours.

With Auron SMS Server, you can configure your project for virtually any scenario that requires (bulk) SMS sending, receiving and processing.
Auron SMS Server supports GSM modems, SMPP providers, HTTP providers to send/receive SMS messages.