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I can’t receive with my GSM but sending is OK. What can be the reason for this?

There can be various reasons for this problem, depending on the phone or modem model you are using:

  • The software is not able to detect the correct message storage. In this case, select the storage manually by clicking the “Receive Options” in the demo application.
    In your own application you can set the storage as a parameter to the Receive function.
  • On some GSM modem models, the combined storage does not work as expected: It is not a combined storage containing the SIM + Memory messages, but a separate one, which is not according to the standard. In this case you have to manually select the SM or ME storage as described above.
  • If the mobile phone used is a Nokia or Siemens model running on the Symbian OS, receiving is not supported. You can check this by issuing the “AT+CPMS?” AT command (for instance using Windows’ HyperTerminal). If the response is equal to “+CPMS: (),(),()” the connected phone runs on Symbian and cannot be used.
  • The selected (SIM) storage on the phone or modem is full, for instance delivery-reports are stored on the SIM card. Place the SIM in a mobile phone and clean up the SIM card, or receive messages using the SMS Component demo application with the option “Delete message after receive” enabled. (SMS Server: Disable the “Leave a copy of the incoming messages on the device or SIM card” option.)

If the above does not solve the issue, please send the logfile of your attempt to our support desk.