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Using Auron SMS Component in Visual Basic .Net

To use the SMS Component objects in Visual Basic.NET make sure the component has been installed on the server.

You can find working examples of how to use the Auron SMS Component in VB.Net on git

Add a reference to the SMS Component object using the Visual Basic Solution Explorer:

  • Start the Solution Explorer view, go to the project’s ‘References’ container
  • Choose ‘Add Reference’ from the context menu
  • Select the COM tab, choose the ‘Auron SMS Component’ component

The following code shows how to declare, create and use one of the SMS Component objects:

Imports AxSms


Dim objGsm As AxSms.Gsm                                ' Declaration
objGsm = New AxSms.Gsm()                               ' Creation

' Display version information
Console.WriteLine("Auron SMS Component {0}" & vbLf, objGsm.Version)