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Using Auron SMS Component in Visual C++

Auron SMS Component can be used in Visual C++ projects. To do so:

  • Import: AxSms.tlb
  • Include: AxSmsConstants.h

You can find working examples of how to use the Auron SMS Component in C++ on github.

The following code shows how to declare, create and use one of the SMS Component objects:

#import "AxSms.tlb"
#include "AxSmsConstants.h"


CoInitialize(NULL);                                    // Initialize COM

AxSms::IGsmPtr oGsm = NULL;                            // Declaration
oGsm.CreateInstance(__uuidof(AxSms::Gsm));             // Creation

' Display version information
_tprintf(_T("Auron SMS Component %s\n"), (LPCTSTR)oGsm->Version);