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7.1.0 – Release notes

Release date: April 21, 2023

The Auron SMS component is a full featured API for sending and receiving SMS and Pager messages. It supports GSM and Android devices; secure SMPP client as well as server; HTTP client and server; SNPP for pagers messages etc.

Changes and fixes

  • SMPP / SMPP Server TLS improved certificate handling
  • SMPP / SMPP Server – Fix error handling when receiving SMS with an UDH length that is longer than the message length (invalid)
  • Android – Fix error handling in some cases when there is no response from the device
  • GSM – Error when receiving single part GSM encoded SMS that has too many padding bytes


When upgrading your software from version SMS Component 7.0 a recompile is required.

You will need a new license key to unlock this version. If you are an existing customer please contact us to receive your new registration key.

Installation and upgrade

To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.