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A core feature of the SMS Server is the ‘Integrated Message Processing’ engine or just ‘Triggers‘ for short.

The triggers allow the SMS Server to automatically process incoming messages or any messages that change state. The processing happens by firing a customized script file.

This script file can either be:

  • VBScript
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Script

In the case of VBScript and Javascript they make use of the SMS Server API. The SQL Scripts can manipulate the database directly.

An alternative way of automatically processing messages is called ‘Standalone processing’. In this case the SMS Server disables all trigger processing. This allows users to build their own stand-alone application to process messages. The SMS Server will then automatically send messages from the database and receive messages into the database.

Options - Message processing

Options – Message processing

You can configure which method should be used in the options dialog of the SMS Server manager.