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Block outgoing messages

Blocking rules are used to block outgoing messages. To see the blocking rules:

  1. Launch the SMS Server Manager application from the Start menu.
  2. Open the Configurations folder and click on Blocking.
Auron SMS Server Manager - Blocking Rules

Auron SMS Server Manager – Blocking Rules

In this window blocking rules are individually enabled, disabled or edited. To add a new blocking rule click on ‘New item…’.

Edit blocking rule

Edit blocking rule

The blocking rule is specified using a condition, which is a SQL expression and a message type. The condition determines which messages is blocked and the message type determines which fields can be part of the condition.

Blocking rules are useful to prevent certain messages from sending out. When one of your channels has a particularly bad rate for a specific country for instance. Because of how flexible blocking rules are there are a lot of other possible applications.

A blocking rule can limit the number of retries for example. Say that every time an SMS message fails to send (message status becomes ‘FAILED’) a trigger automatically retries the message by resetting the message status to ‘SCHEDULED’ and incrementing a number in ‘CustomField1’. You can create a blocking rule that interrupts this flow after 3 retries.

The message status of a blocked message will be ‘BLOCKED’.