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Android SMS channel

Use the Android channel to connect to your Android smartphone. To be able to connect to your smartphone you need to first install the Auron SMS Agent for Android app.

Find more information about channels in general here.

Android SMS channels are ideal for sending and receiving a low to medium volume of SMS messages. The number of simultaneous Android SMS channels depends on the license tier of your Auron SMS Server installation.

With an Android SMS channel you can send and receive:

  • Single part and multipart messages
  • Unicode messages

The Android SMS Channel will automatically use Unicode if a message contains Unicode characters.

Edit Android SMS Channel

Edit Android SMS Channel


The following settings are available:

Property Description
Device IP / Port The IP address and port number of the Auron SMS Agent for the Auron app on your android device. The app shows the IP address. The port number is always 7770.
Click ‘Test Connection’ to test the connection to the app. If the connection is successful it shows the version of the app, as well as the model and Android version of your smartphone.
Connect Timeout (Sec) The timeout for establishing a connection with the app in seconds.
Command Timeout (Sec) The timeout for sending a command and receiving a response in seconds. This only applies to trivial commands like getting version information.
Send SMS Timeout (Sec) The timeout for sending an SMS and receiving a confirmation from the app. This only applies to sending SMS messages. This can often take longer then sending trivial commands.
From address The phone number of the SIM in the Android device. This is used in the database of the Auron SMS Server.