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File channel

The file channel reads a file from a directory to add it to the Server database as a new record.

It creates a File message that you can configure triggers on. The file channel deletes the file after reading it.

Create File Channel

Create File Channel


Property Description
Path The directory to check for new text files.
File Specs This specifies the pattern for the file names that need to be picked up.
Mode The channel supports two modes:

  • Listen for new files. This mode creates a file message and runs associated triggers immediately on a new file. This works if a file enters the pickup directory (path) by a file move operation. Creating and next writing to a file in the pickup directory causes incomplete read errors.
  • Poll for new files. Wait for the poll interval to elapse and then reads all files in the pickup directory (path). Use this if ‘Listen for new files’ doesn’t work reliably.
Poll Interval The interval in milliseconds between polling.
Max Size Specifies the maximum number of KB’s that will be read from a file.