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HTTP(S) REST API channel

The HTTP REST API channel is a secure and easy way to integrate with the Auron SMS Server directly from your website or any other application.

Find more information about channels in general here.

Find the API reference for this channel here. There a number of working examples in different programming languages on github here.

With the HTTP REST API channel you can create new messages and list existing message. You can use it to run campaigns as well.

The channel supports:

  • HTTP as well as HTTPS
  • JSON as well as XML
  • IPv4 as well as IPv6
  • API key authentication as well as IP authentication
Edit HTTP REST API channel

Edit HTTP REST API channel

You can setup multiple instances of this API by setting up multiple channels.


Property Description
Local end point Specify the local IP and port number that this channel should listen on. The protocol can be HTTP or HTTPS for secure communication. The IP can be any IPv4 or IPv6 IP address that is available or all of them at once. Click on ‘configure…’ to start the NetSh Express Setup.
End point URL This field shows how the local end point will look. ‘+’ Means every IP or hostname that refers to this server can be used.
Enable JSON API Check this box to enable the JSON API. JSON API URL’s end in ‘.json’. Find out more in the HTTP API Reference.
Enable XML API Check this box to enable the XML API. XML API URL’s end in ‘.xml’. Find out more in the HTTP API Reference.
Allow read/write to everyone This enables everyone to use the HTTP RES API channel. Only check this option if you are on a trusted local network.


On the authentication page you can specify multiple authentication items. These items only apply to the current channel.

Edit HTTP REST API channel - Authentication

Edit HTTP REST API channel – Authentication

The following properties are available for each authentication item:

Property Description
Description This can be the name of the user(s) or the application(s) that use this item to connect.
Token Specify an API key if you want this user to authentication with an API key. If a value is specified here then this value should be present in the ‘Authorization’ header of the HTTP request.
IP Address If a value is specified then this authentication item will only allow access to the specified IP address. This can be either an IPv4 or IPv6 address.
IP Range This checkbox determines if the IP Address field is the start of an IP range. If this is checked both IP Address should be set as well as the field below IP range.
Access Read, Write or Read/Write. Read is able to load / find messages and Write is able to create new messages to be sent.
Note: Read access allows users to specify a SQL filter to find messages. This filter is sensitive to abuse by end-users with malicious intent. It’s not recommended to allow read access to users that are not trusted.