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IMAP channel (Receive Email)

Use the IMAP channel to receive e-mail in the SMS Server.

Find more information about channels in general here.

The number of simultaneous IMAP channels you can configure depends on the license tier of your SMS Server installation.

Edit IMAP channel

Edit IMAP channel


Property Description
Server The host name or IP address of the IMAP server. For instance “imap.yourdomain.dom” or “”.
Port The TCP port to connect to the IMAP server. This should normally be 993 (secure) or 143.
Security This can be either None, STARTTLS or TLS/SSL. STARTTLS is the most common setting. This means that the connection is secured only if the sever side supports it.
Authentication This can be either Password or OAuth. OAuth is the correct setting for ‘Modern Authentication’. Click on ‘Authorize with OAuth…’ to setup your OAuth settings.
Mailboxes Select remote mailboxes that should be checked for new messages
Check every Select the interval in which to check for new message.
Leave message on server If this is checked then e-mail messages will not be automatically deleted after receiving them.
Store attachments If this is checked then all e-mail attachments are automatically downloaded and stored in the database.
Use IDLE If this is checked then the IDLE IMAP extension is used if supported by the server. This options makes sure that the IMAP channel is notified on receiving a new message. This greatly improves the responsiveness of the IMAP channel.