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SMPP server channel (SMS)

Use the SMPP Server channel to setup an SMPP Server that other SMPP clients can connect to.

Find more information about channels in general here.

Find a complete guide to setting up a secure SMSC with an SMPP Server channel here.

The SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol is designed to send and receive high volumes of SMS messages through an internet connection. The number of simultaneous SMPP Server channels depends on the license tier of your SMS Server installation.

Edit SMPP Server channel

Edit SMPP Server channel

The SMPP Server is extremely flexible and customizable to make it a great fit for almost any use case. A part of this flexibility is achieved by using triggers for SMPP authentication as well as acknowledge or forwarding of SMS messages.

You will find a number of trigger templates that can be configured to finish your SMPP Server configuration.


Property Description
Port The TCP port to listen on
IP Version Which IP version to use. This can be either: IP version 4, IP version 6 or both.
IP Address Which IP address to listen on. This is specified for both IPv4 as well as IPv6. Use this option if the server channel should only be available on a specific network.
Certificate To secure the connection with TLS you will need a server certificate.
Specify the name of the certificate to use and in which store the certificate can be found. These certificate stores are available:

  • Local Machine – To access the local machine store, the service must either run as LocalSystem or an account with administrator rights.
  • Current User – This is the certificate store that belongs to the user that runs the Auron SMS Server service.
Default charset The is the SMSC default character encoding setting. This is used when you send and receive non-unicode messages.
Try changing this setting if you experience problems sending or receiving characters like ‘[‘, ‘]’ or ‘@’.
This can be one of the following:

  • Inoming an outgoing SMS use GSM charset in 8bit
  • Inoming an outgoing SMS use GSM charset in 7bit
  • Incoming SMS use GSM charset in 7bit, outgoing ASCII
  • Outgoing SMS use GSM charset in 7bit, incoming ASCII
  • Incoming SMS use GSM charset in 8bit, outgoing ASCII
  • Outgoing SMS use GSM charset in 8bit, incoming ASCII
Always accept bind request Always accept any bind (login) request from any client. Disable this and create an ‘SMPPServerBind’ trigger to only allow logins according to a lookup table.
Always accept incoming SMS messages Always accept any SMS that was sent to the server. Disable this and create an ‘SMPPServerAcknowledge’ trigger to check against a credits table or to add your own custom logic.
Store SHA1 of Password Does not store the password but an SHA1 hash of the password instead.
Create log for each client Here you can specify a directory where the Auron SMS Server will create a details log file for each client that connects to the server.