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The Auron SMS Server communicates through the use of channels. A channel can be any kind of communication medium.

Find a complete description of all available channels here.

To add or edit a channel follow these steps:

  1. Open the SMS Server Manager
  2. Click on ‘Channels’ in the left-side tree view
SMS Server Manager - Channels View

SMS Server Manager – Channels View

The green icons in the channel overview indicate that the channel is connected and running. When this icon changes color please have a look at the activity view in the bottom of this window to find more information about the current channel status. The Activity view generally shows at a protocol level exactly what the channel is doing at any given moment.

To add a new channel click on the ‘New Channel’ link in the view. This will open the channel wizard.

The first page of the channel wizard is the channel selector.

Create new channel

Create new channel

Here you can select which channel type to create.

Use the first screen of the channel specific wizard to enter the general properties of the channel.

New Channel Wizard - GSM Channel

New Channel Wizard – GSM Channel

In this page you can specify the following properties:

Property Description
Enabled Check to enable the channel. This is possible from the channel view as well.
Name The identifier of this channel. This name is used when specifying the channel in a trigger condition or when setting up a custom view. This name must be in upper case and must not contain spaces.
Description A short, descriptive name for this channel. This name is visible in theĀ  messages view and the channel views.
Send/Receive If a channel can both receive and send this field restricts the channel operation to only sending or only receiving.
Daily Limit Use this field to restrict the number of outgoing messages for this channel. This is useful to prevent a runaway application from incurring an unexpectedly high bill from your provider.