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E-mail Templates

E-mail templates are a way to speed up the sending of large and/or richly formatted e-mail messages. Using e-mail templates also saves space in the message database.

If you’re sending an e-mail using a template you’ll only need to specify the changing values. For instance: Only specify a name and a product and have the rest of the e-mail be the same for every recipient.

E-mail templates only apply when sending e-mail. The SMTP channels loads an e-mail template into memory only once and reuses the template when appropriate.

Manage templates

To manage e-mail templates, open the SMTP channel properties in the Auron SMS Server Manager.

  1. Click on ‘Channels’ in the left treeview of the manager
  2. Click on the edit button next to your SMTP channel.
  3. Click on the last tab of the SMTP channel (E-mail Templates)


Edit SMTP channel - E-mail templates

Edit SMTP channel – E-mail templates

This page shows all templates that are available to all SMTP channels. Changing a template on one SMTP channel changes the templates for all SMTP channels.

You can create placeholders for changing values by entering text in all capitals and surrounding the text by ‘%’ signs. Writing %NAME% for instance will be a placeholder for a changing value.

Using templates

Use e-mail templates from anywhere in the Auron SMS Server by simply formatting your e-mail message ‘Plain text’ body in a certain way.

Campaign manager - Using e-mail template

Campaign manager – Using e-mail template

For example an e-mail with a plain-text body like this:


Refers to: ‘NEW_TEMPLATE1’ and specifies the value ‘Frank’ for the name placeholder.

This works in every e-mail dialog as well as from the API directly.

You can use it from the Campaign manager or bulk wizard as well. In that case you can set the placeholder values to placeholders that refer to fields in your data source.