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Route outgoing messages

Use routing rules to specify general rules for outgoing messages that don’t specify a channel ID. Routing rules apply in order where the first match determines the channel ID.

Find an introduction on routing strategies here. Routing uses SQL conditions find an introduction about SQL conditions here.

To see the routing rules:

  1. Launch the SMS Server Manager application from the Start menu.
  2. Open the Configuration folder and click on Routing.
Auron SMS Server Manager - Routing Rules

Auron SMS Server Manager – Routing Rules

In this window you can enable, disable or edit routing rules. To add routing rules click on ‘New Route’.

The SMS Server processes routing rules in order. Click on ‘Edit Routing Order’ to change the routing order.

Edit routing rule

Edit routing rule

The routing depends on a condition, which is a SQL expression, and a target channel. If the condition matches then the message routes to the target channel.

The first routing rule that matches determines the channel or a message. Change the routing order by clicking on ‘Edit Routing Order’ in the routing view.

Auron SMS Server Manager - Edit routing order

Auron SMS Server Manager – Edit routing order

Messages that don’t match any of the routing rules are sent round-robin to any channel that can handle the outgoing message type.