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InsertFile (view)

The InsertFile view is used to quickly and easily look at file messages.

Find out more on how to use these ‘Insert’ tables here.

The table below is an overview of all properties that are available to set or to select:

Field Type Description
ID int Message ID
DirectionID nvarchar(32) Message Direction
StatusID nvarchar(32) Message Status
StatusDetailsID int User field
TriggerStatusID nvarchar(32) Trigger Status
TriggerDetailsID int User field
AckStatusID nvarchar(32) Acknowledge Status
ChannelID nvarchar(32) Channel ID of the channel that sent/received the message
BillingID nvarchar(255) Billing ID used for accounting
ScheduledTime datetime2 When to send the message
SentTime datetime2 When the message was sent
ReceivedTime datetime2 When the message was received
LastUpdate datetime2 When the message record was last updated
Priority int The message priority
BatchID int User field
ConversationID int User field
Hash nvarchar(100) The hash of the message; used by some channels
Creator nvarchar(32) The creator of the message
Archive bit System field
CustomField1 int User field
CustomField2 nvarchar(255) User field
Trace nvarchar(max) A trace of the current message
Path nvarchar(255) Path of the original file
Body nvarchar(max) File body