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What’s the best way to troubleshoot GSM problems?

If you are having GSM troubles there are a couple of things to try.

Start out with the absolute basics:

  • Make sure that the GSM is powered on and connected to the SMS Server
  • Verify that the SIM card is inserted and that the correct PIN is configured with the SMS Server

If you are sure that the above is correct you can open the SMS Server manager and go to the GSM channel diagnostics page.

Start SMS Server Manager -> Click on channels -> Edit the channel properties of your GSM channel -> Click on ‘Tools’

GSM Channel - Tools page

GSM Channel – Tools page

Here you can verify a couple of more things:

  • Make sure that your signal strength is in the green
  • Make sure that you have enough SMS credits remaining

You can check the signal strength by clicking ‘Check signal’. You can improve the signal strength by placing the GSM modem outside of the server room. Preferably next to a window.

To check SMS credits you can connect to the GSM modem and use USSD commands to retrieve your current balance information. Unfortunately the exact USSD command for this is different for each provider. But most providers document this on their website.