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How can I embed images in my E-mails?

It’s easy to embed images in your HTML e-mails with the Auron SMS Server.

The most common way to embed e-mail messages is by including an IMG tag that refers a content-id. The Auron SMS Server automatically adds content-id’s to all attachments. The automatically added content-id’s start at 1 and numbers upwards. The first attachment has content id 1, the next 2 etc.

This will work whether the new message is created from the manager, from one of the campaigns or using the API.

For example. You can create a new message in the manager using the following HTML:

<p>Hi, this is an official message from MyCompany</p><p>Greetings!</p><img src="cid:1">

The src=”cid:1″ refers to the first attachment.

Embedded image in e-mail

Embedded image in e-mail