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Send and receive using the database

With the SMS Server you can send and receive using the database. An easy way to do this is through creating new records directly into the database.

This is often very useful, especially when your script or application runs on a different PC or on a Linux or Unix type system. In these cases it’s almost always possible to connect directly to the SMS Server database.

If you need to integrate from a different (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or any other) database please have a look at the database integration channel.

To send out an SMS message simply run this query:

INSERT INTO InsertSms (StatusID, ToAddress, Body) 
VALUES ('SCHEDULED', '+3112345678', 'Hello, World')

This sends out an SMS message to +3112345678 on the first outgoing SMS channel available.

To send the SMS to a specific channel use:

INSERT INTO InsertSms (StatusID, ChannelID, ToAddress, Body) 
VALUES ('SCHEDULED', 'GSMCHANNEL1', '+3112345678', 'Hello, World')

This sends out the same SMS message to ‘GSMCHANNEL1’.

Find the documentation for InsertSms here.

Have a look at immediate processing in the database to make sending more responsive.

Of course you can also use this view to see incoming messages by selecting on the StatusID field.
For example:


Shows all received messages.

Sending out e-mail or other types of messages with in the same way.

INSERT INTO InsertEmail (StatusID, ToAddress, BodyPlainText) 
VALUES ('SCHEDULED', '', 'Alert!')

Find the documentation for InsertEmail here.

Find definitions of the ‘Insert’ tables in the Database Layout section of the knowledge base.