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Send and receive using the SMS Server Manager

The SMS Server manager has a two main ways of sending messages. Primarily you can use the toolbar buttons or a right-click in the message window to create a new messages directly.

Create a single message from the manager to test or debug your trigger scripts or channels. You can create an incoming message to test receive trigger for example. Creating an outgoing message will automatically send it through the selected channel.

SMS Server Manager - Create new SMS

SMS Server Manager – Create new SMS

Each message type will have their own dialog so most properties of the message can be set according to what you want to test.

Bulk Sending

You can also use the manager to send out build message campaigns. Just click on the ‘Bulk SMS’ button in the toolbar of select it from the right-click menu in the messages view.

This will show the bulk wizard which you can use to create a customized mass mailing from almost any data source.