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Setup SMS Server


To install the SMS Server first download the latest version of the setup here and follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

Auron SMS Server Installer - Introduction

Auron SMS Server Installer – Introduction

The installation will ask you to specify two directories:

  • The program directory. This is where the setup will store the program files.
  • The data directory. This is where the setup will store sample files as well as where the SMS Server will store your trigger scripts.

Right after installation, before you can start the SMS Server manager, the SMS server needs to be configured. To configure the SMS server start the SMS Server configuration wizard.


The configuration wizard will help you setup the SMS Server to the best configuration for your project.

Don’t worry about making the wrong choices here. You can restart the configuration wizard at any time to change the configuration.

Configuration Type

Configuration Wizard - Configuration Type

Configuration Wizard – Configuration Type

The first question relates to the configuration type. The configuration type can be one of the following:

  • Standalone. This is the best option for most installations. If you are unsure which type to use then use this one.
  • Server. This options allows the SMS Server to be installed as a server in a LAN. Client installations will be able to connect to this server to look at the message views.
  • Client. This options configures the PC as a client to an existing SMS Server installation. Use this option if you already have the SMS Server installed and want to view messages from a different location.

Database Type

Configuration Wizard - Database Type

Configuration Wizard – Database Type

The SMS Server supports two different types of databases:

  • LocalDB (Only available on standalone installations)
  • SQL Server or Azure – Either one of these databases is recommended

LocalDB is ideal for setting up a trial installation when no SQL Server is available. We recommend using SQL Server or MS Azure for any situation beyond the trial of the SMS Server.

Database Configuration

Configuration Wizard - Database

Configuration Wizard – Database

Specify where to store server data, which includes message data and archive data.

It is possible to point to an existing database if that database is no longer in use. This can be useful when upgrading on a different application server but using the same database server.

When you expect to process a large number of messages it makes sense to have the archive database separate from the server database. For instance because the archive database requires more space but can do with slightly worse access times.

Service user

Configuration Wizard - Service User

Configuration Wizard – Service User

Specify which user the should run the SMS Server.

It often makes sense to run the service under a different account from the local system account especially when using windows authentication on the database.

Web Messenger

Configuration Wizard - Web Messenger

Configuration Wizard – Web Messenger

With the Web Messenger you can send and receive using the SMS Server channels from your browser.

Check ‘Setup Auron Web Messenger in IIS’ to have the Configuration Wizard automatically setup an IIS configuration for the Web Messenger.

The web messenger requires IIS and the Microsoft .Net core hosting bundle.

IIS refers to the Microsoft Internet Information Services. This is the default Microsoft Web server that is present in every windows server setup. To use it you’ll need to enable it through the server manager.

Start Configuration

Configuration Wizard - Finish Configuration

Configuration Wizard – Finish Configuration

Next the Configuration Wizard will enumerate all the tasks that are required to finish the configuration. But don’t worry, the Configuration Wizard will start doing these tasks automatically when clicking next.

If all tasks are checked click finish and start using the SMS Server.