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Version 2020 – build 7.0.1 – Release notes

Release date: March 25, 2020

The Auron SMS Server 2020 is an easy to use Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS or E-mail based application.

Focus of this release

  • Ready for use with cloud-based infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure or AWS based cloud solutions;
  • Greatly improved versatility and performance in message processing;
  • Multiple (secure) SMPP Server channels can now run simultaneously.

SMS Server  Service

  • Add IMAP support;
  • Add support for SQL based and JavaScript based message triggers;
  • Triggers can now trigger on more states than just ‘Received’.

SMPP server/client channels

  • Add SSL/TLS support for SMPP Clients and SMPP Server channels;
  • Multiple (secure) SMPP Server channels can now run simultaneously;
  • SMPP Server binds are now messages. This provides the following advantages:
    • Authentication can now be scripted like any other trigger and is included in a configuration backup;
    • The same authentication rules can apply to multiple SMPP Server channels;
    • Server binds are now logged in the message database.
  • SMPP Server incoming messages can now be accepted or rejected with a normal trigger script;
  • Many advanced settings are now configurable through the channel wizard directly.

GSM Channels

  • GSM Channels now include a diagnostics screen for:
    • Sending custom USSD commands;
    • Sending custom AT commands;
    • Verifying signal strength.
  • IP GSM now has both a Raw as well as Telnet mode;
  • Many advanced settings are now configurable through the channel wizard directly.

HTTP Channels

  • HTTP Channels now always support the most secure communication available on the host OS. This includes TLS 1.1 and TLS1.2

E-mail Channels

  • The X-MSMail-Priority header is no longer sent. The X-Priority header is sent.

Routing / Blocking

  • Routing and blocking rules are now specified as SQL expressions. This adds a lot more flexibility.

Event engine

  • The Auron SMS Server Service can now be ‘notified’ so it will immediately sent or process new messages.

SMS Server Manager

  • A ‘Trigger Wizard’ is now available to automatically generate trigger scripts for common tasks such as:
    • Forwarding e-mail to SMS or vice versa;
    • Generating automatic replies to SMS or E-mail messages;
    • Generating automatic replies based on database or HTTP queries;
    • SMPP Server authentication;
    • Etc…
  • Syntax highlighting and field / constant browsing everywhere SQL expressions can be entered;
  • Trigger organization is streamlined. Triggers are now organized in a (nested) folder structure;
  • Message views are now stored in the database and will be included in configuration backup / restore;
  • Message views can now color message rows based on arbitrary criteria.
  • The manager will check if updates are available on startup

SMS Server Bulk Wizard

  • With e-mail the plain text body can be automatically set from a HTML body.


The SMS Server 2020 supports the following operating systems:
Windows Server 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019
Windows 8, 10

The following databases are supported:
LocalDB 2014, SQL Server 2008 or newer, Microsoft Azure

Note: LocalDB is not recommended for production use.


Please make a backup of both your production server as well as your production database before upgrading.

Because of the many changes there are some caveats when upgrading:

  • Minor API changes in trigger scripts;
  • Routing, blocking and trigger conditions need to be verified;
  • SMPP Server bind scripts will not be automatically included and need some re-structuring;
  • Advanced channel settings specified in the registry will not be included in an upgrade.

Find more information about this in the Auron Server 2018 to Auron Server 2020 upgrade guide.

With this in mind the Auron SMS Server 2020 can do an automatic in-place upgrade and is able to import existing configurations previous versions.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.