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Version 2020R2 – Build 7.1.0 – Release notes

Release date: Juli 22, 2020

The Auron SMS Server 2020R2 is an easy to use Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS or E-mail based application.

New feature: Campaigns

This release introduces Campaigns to the SMS Server. A campaign is a predefined bulk SMS or E-mail mailing from any given given data source. The data source can be an external database, Excel sheet, MS Access database, CSV file or even an LDAP enabled Active Directory server. Campaigns are can run automatically from a trigger or from the task scheduler as well as manually from the SMS Server manager.

Trigger improvements

  • Include files in triggers. You can now create common script files with common functions that are accessible from all of your triggers.
  • Trigger chaining. Triggers with the same or overlapping conditions are automatically chained. A ‘Final’ flag in the trigger configuration can prevent unwanted chaining.
  • New Retry / Fallback trigger template. With this template you can retry failed messages on a different channel if needed.
  • New Assemble Multipart trigger template. When not automatically assembling multipart messages in the SMPP or SMPP Server channel you can use this trigger to assemble them after processing.

Channel improvements

  • Channel status is visible in the manager. The channel overview in the manager now shows if a channel is connected, connecting or disconnected.
  • Number of active connections is visible in the manager. The channel overview in the manager now shows how many clients are active on the SMPP Server.

SMPP Server improvements

  • SMPP Client overview available for the SMPP Server. The SMPP Server channel details now include a list of currently connected SMPP clients.
  • Configure the SMPP Server to listen on either a specific IPv4 or IPv6 address or to all addresses at once.
  • User passwords can now be communicated as the SHA1 hash of the password instead of the plain text version. That way there is no need to store actual passwords.

Other improvements

  • New ‘retry’ field in the message table to keep track of the number of retries of a message.
  • The width of the ‘Subject’ field in E-mail messages is now 1024 characters.
  • Running the Bulk Wizard as well as any Campaign now creates a new Batch ID in the message.
  • The SMS Server Manager, Configuration Wizard and supporting external dialogs are now 64bit as well in the 64bit installation.
  • All binaries are digitally signed by Auron Software B.V.


  • Delete all messages in a view now no longer proposes to delete all messages from the database but instead proposes to delete all messages from the view. Which is more logical and therefore safer.
  • Channel processes have nicer names showing in the task manager. This way it’s more clear that those processes are a part of the SMS Server.
  • Importing an existing configuration does not rewrite the config.xml so you can now import from a read-only source.
  • Importing an SMS Server 2016R2 configuration on a 32bit PC no longer fails.
  • The installer no longer proposes to install the MS ACE 64 bit driver in the 32 bit installation.
  • The crash dialog now shows the correct 64 or 32 bit build information.


The SMS Server 2020R2 is fully compatible with the SMS Server 2020. Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.


Please make a backup of both your production server as well as your production database before upgrading.

An automatic one-way in-place upgrade is done by running the installation of the SMS Server 2020R2 on a server that already has the SMS Server 2020.

The SMS Server 2020R2 can import a backup of an existing SMS Server 2020 installation.

Find detailed upgrading instructions here.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.