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Version 2020R2 – Build 7.1.2 – Release notes

Release date: December 16, 2020

The Auron SMS Server 2020R2 is an easy to use Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS or E-mail based application.


  • Full support for National language shift tables for GSM, SMPP and SMPP Server
  • HTTP channel can now specify a custom ‘Authorization header’
  • The default SMPP client and server character encoding is now GSM instead of ASCII. This can still be configured.
  • Archiving batch sizes are now configurable to fine tune performance
  • Campaigns can now automatically run from scripts with dynamic / customized body text


  • UDH length calculation on outgoing 7bit encoded single part messages
  • Several minor fixes in template trigger scripts

National Language Shift Tables

The most important change is the addition of National language shift support for GSM, SMPP and SMPP Server channels.

The national language shift tables extend the basic GSM character set with another 13 different character sets. This means that you will no longer need to use Unicode for sending a text in Turkish or in Hindi for example.

For all of the supported languages a single SMS message can now contain at least 152 characters instead of 70.


The SMS Server 2020R2 version 7.1.2 is fully compatible with the SMS Server 2020R2 7.1.0. Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.


Please make a backup of both your production server as well as your production database before upgrading.

An automatic one-way in-place upgrade is done by running the installation of the SMS Server 2020R2 7.1.2 on a server that already has the SMS Server 2020R2 7.1.0.

The SMS Server 2020R2 7.1.2 can import a backup of an existing SMS Server 2020 7.1.0 installation.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.