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Version 2021R2 – Build 7.3.0 – Release notes

Release date: September 4, 2021

The Auron SMS Server 2021R2 is an easy to use Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail based applications.


  • Added support for media / picture messages through WhatsApp, Viber, RCS (google chat) and other rich messaging platforms
  • Added the HTTP REST API channel
  • Modernized look and feel
  • The channel status is now visible in the activity channel
  • The activity log now highlights errors and warnings
  • It’s now possible to edit message before reprocessing them
  • Every message status can be set manually from the manager
  • Cleanup messages from the archive after a given period
  • Cleanup message instead of archiving them.
  • Significant performance improvement in the message database

Media messaging (WhatsApp, Viber and more)

Many improvements in the HTTP channel now enable support for picture messages and rich messages in general.

Changes in the HTTP channel:

  • It is possible to send SMS messages with media / picture attachments through the HTTP channel
  • You can now receive messages as well as delivery reports in the HTTP channel
  • The HTTP channel now support provider profiles for quick and easy channel setups in the case of commonly used providers (e.g. Twilio and Infobip)
  • Receiving delivery reports and SMS can use TLS (HTTPS as well as HTTP)
  • Receiving supports IPv6 as well as IPv4


The SMS Server now includes an HTTP REST API channel. The HTTP REST API can help with integrating directly from a web portal or from a different operating system.

HTTP REST API features:

  • Both JSON as well as XML based API’s are available
  • Supports both HTTP as well as HTTPS
  • Supports both IPv4 as well as IPv6
  • Authentication is token based or based on a clients IP whitelists or a combination
  • Clients can be assigned read, write or read/write permissions
  • Include example code for Curl, Powershell, C#, VB.Net, PHP and VBScript


In addition to a lot of new features there have also been a number of fixes:

  • The ‘routing order’ dialog did not resize correctly
  • Fixed a typo in the generated ‘assemble multipart’ trigger script for use with the SMPP Server channel
  • Fix ‘Unrecognized PDU’ problem with the EHS6 GSM together with some providers
  • Invalid PDU’s will no longer stay on the GSM SIM indefinitely
  • The SMS Server manager would sometimes stop unexpectedly when reconnecting to an existing RDP session
  • Fix receiving newlines in SMS messages from HTTP channels sometimes did not show in the SMS dialog
  • Bulkwizard would not start when the previous data source was Excel and the excel file was removed afterward


The SMS Server 2021R2 version 7.3.0 is fully backwards compatible with the SMS Server 2021 7.2.0.

Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.

Importing a backup configuration from previous version back to version 5.6 is possible.


If you’re already on SMS Server 2021 (7.2.0) then you will not need a new license key to install this version. If you are upgrading from a version before 2021 please contact to receive a new license key.

Perform an automatic in-place upgrade by running the installation of the SMS Server 2021R2 7.3.0 on a server that has an existing Auron SMS Server installation of any version. Please shut down the SMS Server service before starting the setup of the new version.

The SMS Server 2021R2 7.3.0 can import a configuration (application level) backup of any previous version of the Auron SMS Server and ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server after version 5.6.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.