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Version 2022 – Build 7.4.0 – Release notes

Release date: June 15, 2022

The Auron SMS Server 2022 is an easy to use MS Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail based applications.

New features

  • Modern authentication (OAuth2) support for e-mail channels
  • Authorizer tool for receiving OAuth2 keys for use in trigger scripts
  • The Auron Web Messenger is now a built-in feature
  • Specialized channel wizards for common providers such as Spryng, Twilio and Infobip
  • File channels now include a polling option for compatibility
  • Add unsubscribe e-mail and unsubscribe URL settings to the SMTP e-mail channel

Modern authentication (OAuth2)

Google and Microsoft are starting to move away from the plain username and password authentication to modern authentication. This means that to login you’ll be guided to the Google or Microsoft login screen in your browser and the SMS Server receives an access key.

This has some security advantages such as the ability to enable multi-factor authentication as well as removing the need to share your password.

Auron Web Messenger

The Auron Web Messenger is a very simple and easy to use web client to the Auron SMS Server. You can open it from any recent browser and it will automatically use the appropriate channel for the message type you’re sending while applying the routing rules you have configured.

It’s an easy way to use a shared WhatsApp or SMS channel with multiple employees. You can also use it to inject custom messages into an otherwise automated SMS Server configuration.

The full source code to the Auron Web Messenger is still included in the samples (examples) directory.

Specialized channel wizards

With this upgrade we’ve made it a lot easier to connect to common providers. Instead of having to go through all of the options of the generic HTTP channel you can just enter your provider authorization keys and have the channel set up automatically.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix send and receive time display in message dialogs
  • Blocking dialog was unable to use message types other than SMS
  • You can now throttle the GSM channel just like SMPP and HTTP
  • Changing the security setting on e-mail channels no longer requires the service to restart
  • Updated samples


The SMS Server 2022 version 7.4.0 is fully backwards compatible with the SMS Server 2021R2 7.3.0.

Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.

Importing a backup configuration from previous version back to version 5.6 is possible.


You need a new license key to unlock this version. If you are an existing customer please contact us to receive your new registration key.

Perform an automatic in-place upgrade by running the installation of the SMS Server 2022 7.4.0 on a server that has an existing Auron SMS Server installation of any version. Please shut down the SMS Server service before starting the setup of the new version.

The SMS Server 2022 7.4.0 can import a configuration (application level) backup of any previous version of the Auron SMS Server and ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server after version 5.6.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.