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Version 2023 – Build 7.5.1 – Release notes

Release date: March 26, 2023

The Auron SMS Server 2023 is an easy to use MS Windows application for quickly setting up customized SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail based applications.

New features

Scroll down to find a list of smaller improvements and fixes.

Database integration channel

Use the database integration channel to connect the Auron SMS Server with an external database of any type using any table layout.

The database integration channel has the following features:

  • Support for any database type with ADO or ODBC drivers. Including:
    PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Etc..
  • Use any table layout
  • Send and Receive from and to the remote database
  • Update message delivery status in the remote database
  • Customize queries or call stored procedures
  • Resilient error handling and connection management

E-mail templates

Use e-mail templates to optimize the sending of large, identically formatted e-mails. A new e-mail message using an e-mail template only needs to contain the fields that change between each message. The message format itself is cached in the SMTP channel(s).

By using e-mail templates you can greatly improve the performance of sending large mailings as well as save a lot of disk space on your database server.

Filters in campaigns and the bulk wizard

The campaigns and and bulk wizard has been improved to support more elaborate filter options. Calling stored procedures is supported for database data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL Server.

Show Queue Occupancy

The SMS Server manager can now show queue occupancy for channels and triggers. Enable this feature in the server options.

With the ability to show queue occupancy it becomes a lot easier to keep track of the performance of the SMS Server.

Copy channels, triggers, routes, blocking rules and views

All core configuration items can now be copied with a single mouse click. This makes it very easy to create multiple channels triggers, views or channels without having to manually copy parameters.

New fields in the message table

The following new fields have been introduced for every message type:

  • Last trigger duration; This is the time that the last trigger took to complete.
  • Last trace message; This is convenient since the last trace message commonly contains important send or trigger messages
  • External ID; Use this field in your scripts or database integration to link to a record in an external database
  • External Status; Use this field to store the status of the related record in an external database
  • External URL: This field can store a URL to some external data related to this record

Other improvements and fixes

These are some more improvements and fixes for the Auron SMS Server 2023.

  • Set a default character encoding for SMPP and GSM channels
  • Add HTML previews for all E-mail messages
  • Add syntax highlighting to everything
  • Add ability to set queue size the channel settings
  • Add ‘Use IDLE’ option to IMAP channel settings
  • Add channel / trigger / routing / blocking rule name to the ‘Are you sure you want to delete …’ message in the manager
  • Add a new message status ‘CREATED’ which does not automatically send the message
  • Add options to create messages as ‘RECEIVED’ to automatically process them or ‘CREATED’ from the Bulk Wizard
  • Add the ‘BillingID’ field to the forward trigger script template when forwarding SMS to anything else
  • Add a warning when triggers or channel are created with an existing description
  • Add 64bit compile option to C++ examples
  • Add 64bit target as default for C# and VB examples
  • Add uninstall of a trial version now optionally requests the user to provide trial feedback
  • Add helper functions to the database to support routing: ‘fnRouteProportional’ and ‘fnNumQueued’.
  • Improved message routing is a lot faster and more reliable in very high performance situations
  • Improved the generic ‘Connection String’ dialog used in channel and trigger wizards
  • Improved: New installations will have a view limit of 250 lines by default for better performance
  • Improved MySQL support in the Campaign / Bulk Wizard
  • Improved accessing custom fields in channels and messages API objects is now case-insensitive
  • Improved forward and delivery report trigger wizards now add a trace line to process messages
  • Improved the trigger order number is now placed right next to the ‘enable’ checkbox
  • Update button in columns in the message view now has a proper tick icon
  • Fixed SMPP channel now uses the channel queue size instead of an SMPP specific setting
  • Fixed SQL syntax highlighting new correctly highlights variables
  • Fixed incoming message on SMPP channels did not set the Creator field
  • Fixed the channel wizard form verification when moving back a page
  • Fixed the trigger wizard where the last wizard page was not validated correctly
  • Fixed can no longer create channels or trigger with an identifier longer than 32 characters
  • Fixed HTTP SMS channel now better supports SMS api’s that don’t return a result body
  • Fixed the trigger channel would sometimes (rarely) loose intermediate information after processing
  • Fixed the SMTP command timeout option would not be stored in SMS Server version 2022 when upgraded from 2021R2
  • Fixed the Campaign / Bulk Wizard now only shows the scheduled time option when appropriate


The SMS Server 2023 version 7.5.1 is fully backwards compatible with the SMS Server 2022 7.4.0.

Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.

Importing a backup configuration from previous version back to version 5.6 is possible.


You need a new license key to unlock this version. If you are an existing customer please contact us to receive your new registration key.

Perform an automatic in-place upgrade by running the installation of the SMS Server 2023 7.5.1 on a server that has an existing Auron SMS Server installation of any version. Please shut down the SMS Server service before starting the setup of the new version.

The SMS Server 2023 7.5.1 can import a configuration (application level) backup of any previous version of the Auron SMS Server and ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server after version 5.6.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.