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Version 2024 – Build 7.6.0 – Release notes

Release date: April 25, 2024

The Auron SMS Server 2024 is an easy to use Microsoft Windows application for quickly setting up custom SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail applications.

Upgraded dependencies

The Auron SMS Server dependencies and optional dependencies in the setup application have all been make up-to-date.

  • Now using MSOLEDBSQL instead of SQLNCLI for database connection. This is an important security update as the Microsoft SQLNCLI (SNAC) is being retired.
  • Upgrade LocalDB version to 2022. LocalDB is an optional database you can use to make the trial setup easier.
  • Upgrade the ACE MS Access driver version to 2016 which is the last version that has a quiet installation. This driver allows access to Excel or MS Access files from the bulk wizard or custom triggers.

New notification examples

The Auron SMS Server uses an internal notification broker system that makes it especially responsive. You can use this system to make your own applications responsive as well. In this version we add:

  • VB.Net example for how to use the custom database notifications.
  • SQL examples for sending status notifications.
  • SQL examples for creating a new channel type and new message type.

SMS improvements

Version 2024 uses the Auron SMS Component 7.2 which features the following improvements:

  • Improved Auron SMS Agent for Android.
  • Upgrade TLS security

Email improvements

Version 2024 uses the Auron E-mail Component 6.3 which features the following improvements:

  • Improved MIME encoding as well as decoding
  • OAuth2 has improved error handling and error messages
  • Binary e-mail bodies are now attachments
  • HtmlToPlainText function now handles very large HTML bodies correctly

Other changes and fixes

  • Update the HTTP SMS Channel wizard to make it easier to use
  • Scheduled time and status ID are now correctly applied when running a campaign
  • Greatly improve the performance of LDAP directory queries in the bulk wizard / campaign manager
  • The HTTP SMS channel is now able to specify NPI, TON and Service type values
  • The FileSystem channel now correctly truncates files that are larger than the specified maximum size
  • Add message speed throttling to the Android SMS Channel
  • Fixed HTML highlighting when editing an existing e-mail


The SMS Server 2024 version 7.6 is fully backwards compatible with the SMS Server 2023 7.5.1.

Note: Windows 2012 is no longer supported! The minimum supported Windows Server version is 2016.

Compiled code needs to be recompiled but no additional changes need to be made.

Importing a backup configuration from previous version back to version 5.6 is possible.


You need a new license key to unlock this version. If you are an existing customer please contact us to receive your new registration key.

Note: Windows 2012 is no longer supported! The minimum supported Windows Server version is 2016.

Perform an automatic in-place upgrade by running the installation of the SMS Server 2024 7.6 on a server that has an existing Auron SMS Server installation of any version. Please shut down the SMS Server service before starting the setup of the new version.

The SMS Server 2024 7.6 can import a configuration (application level) backup of any previous version of the Auron SMS Server and ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server after version 5.6.


To install for the first time download the installer here and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.