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Upgrade from Auron SMS Server 2020 to Auron SMS Server 2020R2

Before upgrading please make a backup of the existing server as well as the production database.

There are two main ways to upgrade from the Auron SMS Server 2020 to the Auron SMS Server 2020R2.

In-place upgrade

If the server operating system is Windows Server 2008R2 or higher and you are using a Microsoft Azure database or the SQL Server version is 2008 or higher an in-place upgrade is possible.

Follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Stop the SMS Server service
  2. Stop the SMS Server manager application
  3. If you are using the SMS Server API in an external application like in a web-server or from the task-scheduler make sure these are stopped
  4. Run the latest version of the setup and follow the upgrading instructions.

Upgrade by importing the old configuration

When the old server is going to be decommissioned or if you want to start out with a copy of an existing configuration you can follow these steps:

  1. Start the old version of the Auron SMS Server or the ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server.
  2. Backup your old configuration using ‘File -> Backup Configuration…’
  3. Start the new version of the Auron SMS Server
  4. Import the old configuration using ‘File -> Restore Configuration…’

After upgrading

Any compiled code that uses the SMS Server API will need to be recompiled against the SMS Server 2020R2 API. Any trigger or script code will continue to work.

When using database integration the following notes apply:

  • The ‘messages’  table has a new field ‘retries’. This field has the default value ‘0’.
  • The ‘messages_email’ table field ‘subject’ is now 1024 characters instead of 256.
  • These changes apply to the insert views as well.