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Auron SMS Server product features

The Auron SMS Server is an extremely versatile product. This list contains most but not all of the SMS Server features:

  • Send and receive messages from multiple source simultaneously
  • Integration of VBScript, JavaScript and SQL script to process incoming messages
  • Support SMS, RCS (google chat), WhatsApp, Viber and E-mail
  • Send SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail campaigns from almost any data-source
  • Send and receive WhatsApp, Viber and other media messages through HTTP
  • Can connect to most GSM modems and mobile phones (GSM 07.05 and GSM 07.07 specifications)
  • Send SMS messages through HTTP or HTTPS enabled XML or JSON based SMS providers
  • Support for SMPP-compliant SMSC centers (SMPP 3.4 / 5.0)
  • SMPP Server support to setup your own custom SMSC application
  • Central, vendor-independent database to store messages
  • Full Unicode support for messages in Arabic, Chinese, etc..
  • Send out multipart messages on every SMS channel
  • WAP Push support for sending out an SMS pointer to an URL
  • Support for SMS delivery verification (also known as ‘delivery reports’ or ‘status reports’)
  • Routing of messages through different providers
  • Blocking of messages, based on message content, recipient addresses, etc..
  • Full TAPI (Windows Telephony) support
  • SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support
  • Real-time advanced logging and tracing
  • Fully documented messaging API for automatic processing and integrating 3rd party software
  • Fully documented HTTP REST API for sending messages or message campaigns.