Auron E-mail Component 6.3 Released – Spring update

Auron Software

We’re happy to announce another major update for the Auron E-mail Component. In this new version we’ve made a number of improvements across the entire component but mainly in MIME encoding and decoding.

Auron E-mail Component 6.3

What is the Auron E-mail Component?

The Auron E-mail Component is an easy to use programming and scripting library for Microsoft Windows. You can use it directly from almost any scripting or programming environment to send or receive mails.

Use it when:

  • You have to send notification e-mails from an server in PowerShell or VBScript.
  • Your building an application that needs to search an IMAP inbox on Office 365.
  • You want your Excel sheet to automatically E-mail the entire team

Find the full documentation in our knowledge base. Find many programming and scripting examples on our GitHub page.

Improvements in version 6.3

The big upgrade in version 6.3 is related to MIME encoding as well as decoding. We’ve been able to restructure and rework our engine with the goal of improving overall compatibility. You’ll notice this mostly in edge cases. For instance, when an e-mail declares a CP-1252 encoding instead of the more current ISO 8859-1 standard.

Improved MIME handling relates to the MIME structure as well. For instance an entirely binary e-mail now correctly presents as an empty e-mail with a downloadable attachment.

But of-course there have been other improvements as well. Find the full list in the release notes.

Download and try

Try the Auron E-mail Component today by downloading and installing the fully functional 30-day trial version.

You can also add the Auron E-mail Component directly to your project by installing the nuget package from Visual Studio.