Auron goes open-source with the Auron SMPP Simulator

Auron Software

The Auron SMPP Simulator, or SMSC Simulator, is an easy-to-use windows based tool for testing your SMPP client software. The C# forms application is used to test more complicated and more demanding SMPP client scenarios like:

  • Throttling behavior under high load
  • Handling of delivery reports statuses
  • Error handling
  • Test different character encodings as well as multipart concatenation options
  • Test secure (TLS) connections as well as IPv6 connections and multi-stack options.
  • Etc..
Auron SMPP Simulator

By making the source code available on GitHub we hope to achieve the following:

  • Show a broader audience the strength of our SMS Component
  • Demonstrate how to use the SMPP Server option in the SMS Component
  • Encourage feedback on the SMPP Simulator

Of course, you may just want to use an SMPP Simulator without having to compile it from source first. That’s why we’re still offering SMPP Simulator setup on our download page.

The SMPP Simulator is powered by the Auron SMS Component. In ‘freeware’ mode the SMPP Simulator will inject a small ‘- Auron Software’ ad into every 15th SMS message sent. To prevent this ad please purchase an SMS Component professional license.