Auron SMS Server 2020 Released

Auron Software

We are proud to announce the next major release of our flag-ship product: The Auron SMS Server 2020.

This new release is without a doubt a big leap forward for the SMS Server. Not only have we added a lot of new features, we have also greatly improved the overall performance.

Ready for the cloud

As it has been our main focus in developing, we are now ready for the cloud. With CPU and database time being valuable, you want a solution that only spends what it needs and nothing more.

Version 2020 requires a lot less database communication and at the same time overall responsiveness is greatly improved.

We have achieved this by introducing a completely transparent event engine.

Under the hood the SMS Server can now nudge channels, as well as the SMS Server Manager, into action without passing through the database layer.

This means that messages are now being send and processed with minimal delay.

Build your own secure SMS center

A big part of our efforts went into the SMPP client and server channels. Most notably we have added TLS support to the server and client.

New SMPP Server Wizard

Furthermore we have added the possibility to run multiple SMPP server channels side-by-side. And each SMPP server channel can host an unlimited number of SMPP client connections.

The SMS message object has been expanded and now includes almost every property that is part of the SMPP standard.

Streamlined trigger scripts

Trigger scripts have always been a top feature of the Auron SMS Server. An effortless configuration gives you unprecedented levels of customization.

The most notable improvements:

  • The ability to trigger on any non-transient message status. Such as: ‘Received’, ‘Sent’, ‘Delivered’, ‘Blocked’, ‘Failed’, etc..
  • Support of JavaScript, VBScript or SQL Script.
  • Trigger scripts can be automatically generated.
Automatically generate trigger scripts

Automatically generated trigger scripts

The following tasks now require no programming code at all to implement:

  • Automatically forwarding or replying to messages.
  • Query a database or a web-service and reply.
  • Setting up a complete working SMSC from scratch.

Other new features

There are a lot of other improvements beyond the highlights that are listed above. Some notable ones:

  • IMAP support for receiving e-mail messages.
  • Advanced GSM configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Syntax highlighting everywhere.
  • Message views can now have customized row colors.
  • Scheduling messages directly from the database has never been easier.
  • Etc..
Syntax highlighting everywhere

More information

A complete list of changes and improvements is available in the release notes.

Before upgrading please have a look at the complete upgrade guide.

If you are new to the Auron SMS Server please download our fully functional 30-day trial. This gives you a good idea of how this product will improve your business.