Auron SMS Server 2020R2 Released

Auron Software

Among a host of new features the SMS Server 2020R2 now introduces full campaign management.

With campaign management you can now configure customized bulk SMS or E-mail mailings using any data source. Possible data sources include MS Excel, MS Access or any external database. Campaigns can run either manually and interactively from the SMS Server manager or automatically from the task scheduler or from a trigger.

SMS Server 2020R2 - Campaign View
SMS Server 2020R2 – Campaign View

With adding support for campaigns a lot of common use cases are now a lot easier to achieve:

  • Send out incidental mailings to your subscribers to notify them of changes and/or offers
  • Automatically send out reminders to coworkers, customers or patients to notify them of appointments or alerts
  • Connect into most 3rd party systems to use the contact information stored there
  • Use any other information a 3rd party has stored as part of your E-mail or SMS message as well.

In addition to campaign management the SMS Server also adds some improvements to triggers and channels. Most notably:

Triggers now support include files. This mean that you can now have common files that define common functions or definitions that can be access by multiple trigger scripts.

SMS Server 2020R2 - Trigger Script
SMS Server 2020R2 – Trigger Script

Channels now have a connected, connecting, disconnected status that is visible in the manager. The SMPP Server channel can also show how many clients are connected an exactly which clients are connected at any time.

SMS Server 2020R2 - Channel View
SMS Server 2020R2 – Channel View

But there’s still more. Please read the release notes to get an overview of all of the new features, upgrades and fixes in the SMS Server 2020R2.

Or better yet, download the 30 day fully functional trial version to get the best idea of what the new version can do for you.