Auron SMS Server 2021R2 Released

Auron Software

Auron SMS Server 2021R2 Released. The Auron SMS Server now includes support for WhatsApp, Viber as well as RCS. And, if that’s not enough, you can now sent these message directly from your website using the new HTTP REST API.

With this Release of the Auron SMS Server 2021R2 we are making another huge jump in functionality. But not just functionality; we’ve also updated the look and feel, and we have added a ton of new UI conveniences as well. For example, you can now see the status of a channel in the activity view. And you can now edit a message before reprocessing it, and many more. You can find the full list of all of the new features in the release notes.

WhatsApp, Viber and RCS

Auron SMS Server 2021R2 supports rich messages

The most important new feature is support for sending, receiving and automatically processing rich message types. It’s finally possible to send and receive WhatsApp messages and media file attachments. This is a big change that a lot of users have requested.

Another big improvement is the addition of provider profiles. When creating a new HTTP channel you can now select which provider you mean to integrate with and the channel will automatically load up all of the default setting for this provider. You will only need to enter your account specific settings and you will be up and running.


The other top requested feature is the HTTP REST API. This is a fully featured REST API to help integrate the Auron SMS Server into your business. You can enable the new API by configuring the HTTP REST API channel.

The Auron SMS Server HTTP API is fully capable and supports:

  • Sending, loading and updating messages
  • Running campaigns for bulk sending from any data source
  • Supports JSON as well XML for requests and responses
  • HTTP as well as HTTPS (TLS)
  • Authenticate through API keys or IP whitelisting

You can find the full documentation for this API in the knowledge base.

Try this version or upgrade

To try this version simply download the setup file here. This will install a fully functional 30 day trial version. The trial is in no way limited and will give you an excellent idea of the Auron SMS Server.

Upgrading is easy as well. Just download the same setup file, run it, and follow the instructions. The setup automatically upgrades your configuration.

Make sure that any existing C#, VB.Net or other compiled code that uses the Auron SMS Server API is recompiled after the upgrade. Also, always be sure to make a backup of your server and database before the upgrade.