Auron SMS Server 2022 – Modern Authentication

Auron Software

The Auron SMS Server 2022 greatly improves on e-mail security with the addition of modern authentication (OAuth2). In addition the SMS Server is now finally accessible through your web browser.

In this article we’ll introduce some of the most notable new features in the Auron SMS Server 2022. You can find the full list of all of the new features in the release notes.

Auron SMS Server 2022

Modern Authentication (OAuth2)

Modern authentication is the term Microsoft uses for OAuth2. OAuth2 greatly improves e-mail security and both Microsoft and Google are working toward moving to OAuth2 exclusively.

With OAuth2 you’re no longer storing your e-mail password in the e-mail channel configuration. Instead the channel guides you to the login portal of your e-mail provider. This way your e-mail provider can also inject additional security measures such as multi-factor authentication or key-card authentication.

OAuth2 support is also available for use in trigger scripts in case you need to authorize with OAuth2 to use an external API.

Auron Web Messenger

The SMS Server 2022 finally has a web interface. Use the Auron Web messenger to send SMS, WhatsApp or E-mail messages from your browser through any of the channels you’ve configured in the SMS Server.

Auron Web Messenger

The web messenger was already available after the setup as one of the example projects. It’s now a first-class citizen and you can automatically configure it from the configuration wizard during setup.

The full source code for the web messenger is also available as it still has it’s place in the example project folder as well.

Specialized Channel Wizards

It’s now easier than ever to setup a connection to the most common providers. We’ve added specialized channel wizard for Spryng, Twilio and Infobip as well as our own test and demonstration gateway. This means that if you want to connect to any of them you just have enter you account details and the channel will automatically be created.

Try or upgrade

To try this version simply download the setup file here. After installation you can start a 30 day fully functional trial. The trial is in no way limited and will give you an excellent idea of the Auron SMS Server.

Upgrading is easy as well. Just download the same setup file, run it, and follow the instructions. The setup automatically upgrades your configuration.

Make sure that any existing C#, VB.Net or other compiled code that uses the Auron SMS Server API is recompiled after the upgrade. Also, always be sure to make a backup of your server and database before the upgrade.