Auron SMS Server 2023 – Database Integration

Auron Software

We proudly present the Auron SMS Server 2023! With this major upgrade, we bring you many new features, and 2 main focus points: Database integration and Performance.

In this article we’ll introduce both points of focus and discuss some of the other new features as well. And as always, the full list with all the new features is available in the release notes.

Auron SMS Server 2023 - Database integration
Auron SMS Server 2023 – Database integration

Database Integration

The Auron SMS Server now has a direct database integration option. With this option you can send from, as well as receive into an external database.

With this feature the Auron SMS Server unlocks support for any ADO or ODBC enabled database such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • And many more!


The new Auron SMS Server also includes a couple of big new features that increase performance and help with diagnosing performance related problems. The most important are:

  • E-mail templates. Create templates for richly formatted HTML e-mails to speed up sending large batches of e-mail as well as to save space in your database. With an e-mail template each individual message only contains the changing values.
  • Show Queue Occupancy. Review queue occupancy for each channel and trigger in real-time. This will help you spot any congestion anywhere in the system immediately.
  • Optimized message routing. The Auron SMS Server 2023 has seen a complete rewrite of our message routing algorithm with performance in mind.

Other features

There have also been a lot of general usability improvements and new features as well. The release notes contains the full list, but we’ll mention a few here:

  • Filters in Campaigns / Bulk wizard. You can now specify custom filters when sending e-mails or instant messages from Excel files, any database source or Active Directory.
  • Everything is syntax-highlighted. This means that it’s a lot easier to compose HTML e-mails or to find placeholders in the bulk wizard. But it also improves specifying filters for campaigns or configuring an HTTP interface.
  • Copy any configuration element. Copy views, channels, triggers, routing rules or blocking rules easily. This makes it a lot easier to setup more complex installations.
  • New message fields. We’ve added some extra fields for your convenience. Amongst others: The last trace message as well as the last trigger duration.

Try or upgrade

To try this version simply download the setup file here. After installation you can start a 30 day fully functional trial. The trial is in no way limited and will give you an excellent idea of the Auron SMS Server.

Upgrading your existing installation is easy as well. Just download the same setup file, run it, and follow the instructions. The setup automatically upgrades your configuration.

Make sure that any existing C#, VB.Net or other compiled code that uses the Auron SMS Server API is recompiled after the upgrade. Also, always be sure to make a backup of your server and database before the upgrade.