Auron SMS Server 2024 released

Auron Software

The Auron SMS Server 2024 is the next major version update of the Auron SMS Server. The Auron SMS Server is a Windows server application to help you integrate instant messaging and E-mail into your applications. Use it to connect to multiple SMS providers and send alerts, notification or mass mailings.

Our typical customers are banks, hospitals as well as customer support departments. The software is most commonly used for:

  • Sending out transaction confirmations
  • As middleware for 2FA or MFA applications
  • Send automated notifications to customers or staff
  • Interact with your customers or staff
  • Various M2M applications
  • Etc..

Improvements in version 2024

This release has seen a lot of important improvements across the board. The most important improvements are:

  • Transitioned from the SQL Native Client driver to the MSOLEDBSQL, ensuring compliance with Microsoft’s updated security standards.
  • Updated dependencies, including moving LocalDB to version 2022 for trial users.
  • We’ve added examples that demonstrate how to use the internal message broker system that makes the Auron SMS Server responsive. With these examples connect into the notification system and setup custom notifications to make your own application more responsive.
  • As well as many other improvements. Find a complete list in the release notes.

HTTP SMS and WhatsApp channels

Many providers are using HTTP to send and receive instant messages through their service. This is a list of providers that work well with the Auron SMS Server.

Setting up a new HTTP channel can sometimes be challenging as it requires a lot of technical knowledge since each provider has their own API.

Back in version 2022 we made the first big improvements by providing a streamlined setup for larger providers such as Twilio and InfoBip. With this release we’ve done even more to streamline the setup of completely new or unknown HTTP providers.

Try or upgrade

To try this version simply download the setup file here. After installation you can start a 30 day fully functional trial. The trial is in no way limited and will give you an excellent idea of the Auron SMS Server.

Upgrading is easy as well. Just download the same setup file, run it, and follow the instructions. The setup automatically upgrades your configuration.

Make sure that any existing C#, VB.Net or other compiled code that uses the Auron SMS Server API is recompiled after the upgrade. Also, always be sure to make a backup of your server and database before the upgrade.