Five reasons for using the Auron SMS Server for alerting

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Alerting through SMS messages is still a great idea, this is now more clear than it has ever been. Most people can no longer even fathom a live without their mobile. Every mobile phone supports SMS and will buzz for their owners attention if it receives a new message.

This article explains why it’s incredibly useful to have your existing monitoring software use the Auron SMS Server for alerting. But first a birds-eye overview of how to set this up. Scroll down if you are only interested in the reasons why.

For most cases you will configure the monitoring software to alert the SMS Server and the SMS Server alerts your employees.

Using the Auron SMS Server for Alerting through E-mail

Some monitoring software already have built-in support for using the Auron SMS Server. A great example is the ActiveXperts Network Monitor. The ActiveXperts Network Monitor is an excellent product that has users all over the world that monitor networked equipment and services for interruptions or failures.

Connect Monitoring Software to SMS Server through API

Here are five reasons for using the Auron SMS Server for alerting:

5. Automatic fallback if sending fails

What if a network outage prevents you from sending the alert? With the SMS Server it’s easy to setup an automatic retry or fallback trigger. You can make sure that your alert arrives by retrying it on a different communication channel.

4. Use your existing employee directory

Most monitoring software will have you setup an address book with contact information to use in case of an alert. To a manager this means having a redundant administration. The SMS Server does away with this with the ability to use any existing data source as a source for contact information.

3. Use any SMS Server channel type

The SMS Server is a specialized message processing server. It has full support for sending SMS and E-mail messages though all common protocols. So instead of finding the device or provider that is supported by your monitoring software you can turn things around. The SMS Server will work with almost any provider or GSM device out there.

2. Track if the alert was received

Instead of just ‘fire-and-forget’ you may want to know if an alert arrives on the target mobile. The SMS Server fully supports SMS delivery reports.

1. Trace everything

Whether you need it for a postmortem analysis of an outage or just for ad-hoc troubleshooting purposes, the SMS Server traces everything. All messages that are sent and if they arrived. Each message has it’s own detailed trace and each communication channel has its activity view. You’ll never need to wonder about what the SMS Server is doing or what it did at any given time.

So, let’s get started!

Download a fully functional 30 day trial version of the SMS Server here. The SMS Server installation packages contains everything you need to start sending SMS messages right away. And if you do run into anything or if any questions pop-up. Please contact us.