Happy and healthy 2021!

Auron Software

This year has been an incredible journey for Auron Software. As the year closes we feel fortunate with the results of this journey. We’re very happy to have built many new relationships and strengthened many existing ones.

New Year’s Eve – 2020

We started this year with a completely new product portfolio after acquiring the SMS and E-mail products from ActiveXperts. The SMS and E-mail Components and the SMS Server. Each product with already a large existing customer base.

The main challenge has been to demonstrate our dedication to these products and the many businesses that rely on them. With two major releases for the Auron SMS Server and many new features added to the Auron SMS and E-mail components we feel confident that we have risen to this challenge.

Also, a huge thanks to those of you that participated in our end-of-year e-mail survey. We held a short survey in November among existing users. This has resulted in a lot of very useful feedback and has definitely helped shape our current roadmap!

As per your feedback the upcoming major releases will have a strong focus on:

  • Introducing rich message types such as Whatsapp
  • Support for smart phones as a GSM modem alternative
  • Continuing to improve web based integration options

This all in addition, of course, to the many more smaller improvements that we are currently waiting to release or have already planned.

Best wishes and a safe, healthy and successful 2021 from the Auron team!