Introducing the Auron QuickServer

Auron Software

Ensuring smooth communication between our computer programs is vital. That’s where Auron QuickServer steps in—a handy tool designed to make building and testing networking programs quicker and simpler. Build, test or simulate your TCP/IP socket applications with the Auron QuickServer.

Free and User-Friendly

Auron QuickServer is a tool that we having been developing and using in-house that we want make available for free. It’s crafted to make creating, testing, or simulating networking programs on Windows hassle-free. This tool streamlines the process, removing the unnecessary complexities usually associated with building programs that communicate with each other.

Setting up a program in Auron QuickServer is a straightforward process. Use the JavaScript feature in the QuickServer GUI to manage connections, all while having simple controls at your fingertips. Your changes to the JavasScript file are automatically and immediately effective.

Auron QuickServer running a GSM simulator.
Auron QuickServer running a GSM simulator

Enhanced Security and Real-Time Monitoring

It’s easy to build a secure application. With just a click of the ‘Secure’ checkbox or the selection of a certificate, you can add TLS encryption to your applications.

In line with our commitment to quality, Auron QuickServer emphasizes real-time monitoring and logging. All actions are logged, providing developers with valuable insights into the application’s behavior. This helps with debugging, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Conclusion: A Robust Solution for Modern Networking

In summary, Auron QuickServer is a huge benefit for developers to build, test or simulate TCP/IP socket applications. Its user-friendly interface, streamlined setup process, robust security features, and versatile applications make it a go-to tool. With its emphasis on real-time monitoring and logging, Auron QuickServer is an indispensable resource in the toolkit of developers.