Introducing the Auron Web Messenger

Auron Software

Because it is often very valuable to get in contact with an actual human we are now introducing the Auron Web Messenger.

The Auron SMS Server is in use by many businesses to integrate automated messaging in their systems. But now the Auron Web Messenger expands the already broad range of useful applications by offering a convenient way for humans to join the chat.

The Auron Web Messenger is a part of the Auron SMS Server and it’s directly accessible from the browser. This means that it will work on Android, Apple (iPhone) as well as Windows devices. You will be able to send SMS, WhatsApp and Email messages through your SMS Server channels from anywhere.

Introducing the Auron Web Messenger

When to use the Web Messenger

The Auron Web Messenger is especially useful when:

  • Multiple employees have to use or share the same channel to communicate with your customers.
  • If you need an internal communication channel that is completely traceable and has automated features.
  • You want to offer customer support through WhatsApp.

But also in these specific use cases:

  • Interactions with patients and staff members in a hospital setting.
  • Coordinate docking queues with truck drivers in a yard-management solution.
  • Exchanging traceable messages between workers on a shop floor.

Setup and customization

The Auron SMS Server installation comes with the full Auron Web Messenger source code. This means that you can deploy the application as is, or to fully customize it according to your business needs. Of course we’re always here to help you get started or to make modifications to suite your specific situation. After installation you’ll find the Auron Web Messenger in the .Net Core examples directory.

Auron SMS Server Manager - Examples
.Net Core examples in the Auron SMS Server Manager

To setup the Auron Web messenger you need Windows Server 2012R2 as well as Microsoft IIS and the Microsoft .Net Core hosting bundle. The Auron Web Messenger client is a .Net Core 3.1 application with the client side build using the React and Bootstrap frameworks.

Need help with customization or setup?

At Auron Software we have a lot of experience in helping you configure and customize your Auron SMS Server. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help or if you want to customize the Auron Web messenger. We’re here to get you started and improve your business!