New brand identity and website design

Auron Software

Today we’re launching the new Auron Software brand identity together with a complete overhaul of the website. A lot of time and thought went into the final result and we’re very happy with this result. In this post I’ll explain some of the reasoning behind the current brand identity and website design.

Brand identity

The new brand now contains a logo as well as the name of our company. The logo is an important part of our identity because:

  • It’s instantly recognizable
  • It contains a lot of information about our company.
The composition of the Auron Software logo

The new Auron logo is actually a composition of some important elements that represent Auron Software:

  • Interconnected network nodes that represent messaging and communication
  • The network nodes are rotated to resemble the Auron ‘A’ shape
  • A 3D cube shape to indicate solidity and robustness


After having established our new brand we need a website to go with this. We are currently mostly a consultancy and software-engineering company. But this is going to change soon. We’re exited to say that we’re about to add some more products to our portfolio. More on this in another announcement in the near future. Suffice it to say that the structure of our website becomes increasingly more important.

This is an important reason for us to choose WordPress as our site backend. Which makes it very easy to add new content and maintain existing content. Together with some clever custom theming I think we’ve create a website that both has a modern look and is very easy to navigate.

The most important case in point being our Knowledge base. The knowledge base has a very easy to navigate hierarchical structure. This will be able to contain both all our howto’s, installation instructions, etc. as well as our full API reference documentation for each product.

Let us know

All in all we’re very happy about the result. But ultimately the website was built to service our customers. So please, if you find any problems or inconveniences in navigating the site. Please let us know.