Setup a REST Web API for the SMS Server

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The SMS Server is a Windows server application for sending, receiving and automatically processing SMS messages. But what if you want to access the SMS Server from a Linux system? Or directly from your website?

One option is to insert new messages into the database directly. However, this has a lot of drawbacks when you want to do so over the internet. So the next most obvious solution would be to setup a REST Web API for the SMS Server.

Web API for the SMS Server

The case for a WEB API

Out of the box the SMS Server has a dedicated API for integrating the SMS Server with any type of back-end software. This API is COM based, which means that it’s easy to use for just about any language that can run on Windows.

But to use the COM based API you do need to have the SMS Server client tools installed and connected to your central SMS server. Having a Web API does away with this requirement. You can now connect to the SMS Server from anywhere without needing anything else to be installed.

Having a Web API available can be very useful in a number of situations:

  • Sending SMS from your website
  • Sending from a Linux operating system
  • Offer an easy to use HTTP interface to your customers
  • Sending from a different server in your network

How to setup a WEB API

You can setup a basic REST Web API in a pinch using only the tools that are available by default on a Windows Server installation. As long as you are running Windows Server 2012 or newer you don’t need any other software.

Follow this how-to to find out exactly how to setup a REST Web API for the SMS Server.

If you need any help setting this up, please contact us.