Auron SMS Component 7.0 Released – Introducing a portable HTTP Server API

Auron Software

Today we’re releasing the Auron SMS Server Component 7.0. With this major update we are introducing a portable HTTP Server API in addition to a number of other improvements.


A portable HTTP Server API

It’s becoming more common to use HTTP(S) based REST API’s to send and receive SMS messages. This often means that you’ll need to provide your own end-point to receive SMS messages or status reports.

Setting up your own HTTP(S) end-point can be quite challenging since you’re introducing a lot of new concerns to your project by accepting unsolicited incoming requests. Fortunately, by using the Auron SMS Component, you now have an easy and secure way to do it.

The main features of the Auron SMS Component HTTP Server API are:

  • Truly easy to use API
  • Supporting secure (TLS / SSL) connections
  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and HTTP/3
  • Support for port-sharing; run multiple instances on the same TCP port

Have a look at the API documentation to see just how easy it is to use. The Auron SMS Component download includes working examples of the HTTP Server API for Powershell, VBScript, C#.Net as well as VB.Net.

Of course most other programming languages available on Microsoft Windows are supported as well. You can always have a look at the ‘How to’ section of the documentation or contact support if you are having trouble adapting the existing examples to your preferred programming language.

Support for WhatsApp and other rich message formats

Another big reason why many (SMS) messaging providers are shifting over to HTTP based API’s is the ability to support other rich message formats as well.

This is why the SMS Component 7.0 has improved support for sending and receiving media files. The existing HTTP clients API has been extended with the possibility to download media files directly. While the new HTTP Server API is able to host as well as receive any type of media file.

That way it no longer matters to the SMS Component if a message is an SMS or maybe a WhatsApp message. You’ll be able to support both with the same effort.

Other improvements and fixes

Amongst the other improvements and fixes the most notable are:

  • Support for receiving optional TLV packets from a bind in the SMPP Server API
  • The ability to serialize and de-serialize SMS message objects to JSON
  • Improved support for different types of content encoding with the HTTP protocol
  • And many more

You can find upgrade information as well as a complete list of all changes and improvements in the release notes for the SMS Component version 7.0.

Try this version by downloading the fully functional 30 day trial. You can also install the SMS Component through NuGet.